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2018-07-08 22:23:18 UTC - Every National Socialist should have read our Fuhrers book Mein Kampf. Every National Socialist should have a copy of this version of Mein Kampf proudly displayed somewhere in their home as it is a sign of honoring our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. - The 88 precepts are a great way to understand the National Socialist World View. - Discusses everything that a National Socialist Goverment would offer as an economic plan for the future of a Nation.

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a book on the civil war 2

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@everyone for you sorry nigs who are still single

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read through the articles and see what you are weak on or what is most interesting, work on becoming the best you can, be confident keep your head up and improve yourself firstmost, always strive to be better. become strong bodied, strong minded and most of all strong willed. HAIL VICTORY 14

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Must read

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Reading a handbook to pick up girls? Really?

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You must be already incredibly insecure about yourself and have a huge lack of knowledge about women to be so desperate that you resort to a handbook

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@Mr. Navarone Even I dgaf about some podunk handbook. I much prefer experience.

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I've been with enough women to know what I prefer, and I'm confident enough in myself to know what they want.

Confidence is all you need really, a confident man is an attractive man

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That and good looks to compliment the confidence.

2018-07-13 07:10:08 UTC