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2017-03-30 20:35:40 UTC  

Deploraball was bad dude

2017-03-30 20:35:43 UTC  

yep so do the national guard

2017-03-30 20:35:49 UTC  

I got into so many fist fights

2017-03-30 20:35:59 UTC  

Kicked an antifa in the face, and took his flag tho

2017-03-30 20:36:02 UTC  

So I had fun 😃

2017-03-30 20:36:03 UTC  

i have some webm of one of them admitting on a hot mic wishing he could arrest all the antifa

2017-03-30 20:36:09 UTC  

I still have the flag lol

2017-03-30 20:36:21 UTC  

burn it for a propaganda video

2017-03-30 20:36:44 UTC  

or piss on it to keep your trophy midly intact

2017-03-30 20:39:09 UTC  


2017-03-30 20:39:20 UTC  

I'm gonna get my hands on a lot more dw 😛

2017-03-30 20:39:36 UTC  

I wanted to go to AIPAC (not the event itself)

2017-03-30 20:39:55 UTC  

But to counter demo Sharia, Refugees, and the Leftist Jews there

2017-03-30 20:40:10 UTC  

But in terms of Israel I really could care less, I just don't want my tax $$$ going to them

2017-03-30 20:41:34 UTC  

lol wtf this nigga looks like he's in a anime

2017-03-30 20:42:21 UTC  

So kawaii

2017-03-30 20:48:07 UTC  

what about the Perkele stage of drunken rage

2017-03-30 20:48:26 UTC  

you were in that thread weren't you

2017-03-30 20:50:17 UTC

2017-03-30 20:51:06 UTC  


2017-03-30 20:51:28 UTC  

Oh boy

2017-03-30 20:51:41 UTC  

"If you disagree with us you're a fascist"

2017-03-30 20:51:46 UTC  

@Requiem you should change your name to based normie

2017-03-30 20:52:23 UTC  

>Values personal liberty
>Punches people for wearing the wrong cloths or saying the wrong thing

2017-03-30 20:52:44 UTC  

We really need some <@&278459485687644161> s in here tonight to vet all the newcomers, we got an influx of support right now.

2017-03-30 20:52:51 UTC  


2017-03-30 20:53:10 UTC  

I remember at the inauguration, there was this hippy who voted for Jill stein, he called ANTIFA "thugs" and he got sucker punched for it

2017-03-30 20:53:38 UTC  

Remember, liberals get the bullet too. Best propaganda ever.

2017-03-30 20:54:13 UTC  

At times I'm glad I'm in a red state, but l also wish l could take part in more antifa busting

2017-03-30 20:54:31 UTC  

There's like a combined total of >100 antifa in Oklahoma

2017-03-30 20:54:38 UTC  

@GoGo That's the only reason why I'd ever want to live in a blue state lll

2017-03-30 20:55:01 UTC  

that feel when live in blue place but police state is so strong it stops them from rioting

2017-03-30 20:55:09 UTC  

@Geesus-HI wait Hawaii went blue?

2017-03-30 20:55:19 UTC  

Yeah they do that often

2017-03-30 20:55:30 UTC  

hawaii is majority (((minority)))

2017-03-30 20:55:40 UTC  

Alaska is pure red though

2017-03-30 20:55:45 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA Hawaii has been Blue ever since state hood

2017-03-30 20:55:57 UTC  

Well I mean the "minorities" are the natives so that makes sense.

2017-03-30 20:55:59 UTC  

If only because welfare doesn't keep the polar bears away

2017-03-30 20:56:05 UTC  

We voted for republicans once, everything was getting better. Then they voted blue again