Message from Bloodborn in GabberHangout #general

2016-12-11 06:37:51 UTC  

Maybe have a mixture of an armed and unarmed march, probably would be smater.

2016-12-11 06:38:44 UTC  

okay, on to check this out. I imagine this will be a long running adjunct to Gab. Later, dears

2016-12-11 06:38:56 UTC  

Aye, see ya.

2016-12-11 06:39:41 UTC  

Again, I don't know what would happen if they /do/ steal it from him.

2016-12-11 06:40:10 UTC  

i live in a rural area. on election day my cousin was looking for a gun because he just got a job as a security guard. i stopped in a couple of gun shops and business was booming in both of them

2016-12-11 06:40:10 UTC  

I can only hope enough would come together to make 'them' soo uncomfortable that they would have no other choice but to give us our choice.

2016-12-11 06:40:41 UTC  

somebody else was talking about this, what revolt would look like today. they were pointing out examples of things that have already happened, like crowds marching on wealthy peoples' private homes

2016-12-11 06:40:49 UTC  

we know a lot of names and a lot of addresses

2016-12-11 06:40:54 UTC  

and they surely realize that

2016-12-11 06:41:08 UTC  

Again, I don't know /exactly/ what would happen should it come to this.

2016-12-11 06:41:28 UTC  

Just make them uncomfortable to even show their faces.

2016-12-11 06:42:07 UTC  

If bullets actually fly it will end badly for everyone, it should be the /last/ thing we do.

2016-12-11 06:42:47 UTC  

That being said, let's not think of this right now, we won, they can only whine and cry.

2016-12-11 06:42:48 UTC  

yep, last option, but still an option

2016-12-11 06:43:03 UTC  

i hope thats all they can do lol

2016-12-11 06:43:21 UTC  

obama is still pres for now and congress still filled with douchebags. i hope all of the criminals pay dearly when trump gets in

2016-12-11 06:43:28 UTC  

make them an example to future generations of crooks

2016-12-11 06:43:46 UTC  

One can only hope.

2016-12-11 06:43:58 UTC  

mccain and graham shouldnt even be in there

2016-12-11 06:45:16 UTC  

I'm reasonably skeptical with Trump. I can /hope/ he does everything he says he's going to do, and I can /hope/ that he'll end up like Gracchus.

2016-12-11 06:45:50 UTC  

I'm trying to think of the right Roman reformer..

2016-12-11 06:45:52 UTC  

I think that's right.

2016-12-11 06:45:59 UTC  

i started telling my buddies last fall that trump must have military backing to be doing what he was doing

2016-12-11 06:46:05 UTC  

now look at who all he's appointing to his cabinet

2016-12-11 06:46:54 UTC  

I'm also worried he's going to become an Augustus. As great as Augustus was...

2016-12-11 06:47:37 UTC  

i dont see it happening. havent seen any indication of it and hes been talking about decentralizing things back to states rights

2016-12-11 06:47:53 UTC  

look at what else hes doing. appointing a guy who wants to abolish the fed. appointing a guy to demolish EPA regulations

2016-12-11 06:48:16 UTC  

those two things alone are going to free us from a lot of bureaucratic authoritarianism

2016-12-11 06:48:23 UTC  

if he can accomplish them

2016-12-11 06:48:26 UTC  

Things /do/ look good, but I would hold my tongue until the policies are passed.

2016-12-11 06:48:29 UTC  

ending the fed is what got kennedy killed

2016-12-11 06:48:45 UTC  

well if hes going to try the opposite then hes putting the wrong people in there huh?

2016-12-11 06:48:54 UTC  

i dont expect it to be easy, just that hes still going in the right direction

2016-12-11 06:49:02 UTC  

full steam ahead on everything he was talking about and more

2016-12-11 06:49:56 UTC  

I said things are looking good, I just won't jump to conclusions. If he does /half/ of the things he says he's going to do, he'll have my support.

2016-12-11 06:50:35 UTC  

a lot of it depends on congress too

2016-12-11 06:50:36 UTC  

If he's actually going to build the goddamn wall, I'll volunteer.

2016-12-11 06:50:51 UTC  

yeah he can at least do that much himself without congress

2016-12-11 06:51:51 UTC  

He's going to have to have someone translate Trumpanese into Neo-Con, and he's going to have to have someone to translate Neo-Con back into Trumpanese.

2016-12-11 06:52:02 UTC  


2016-12-11 06:52:12 UTC  

i think thats what reince priebus was appointed for, but we'll see how well that goes