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2016-12-11 07:15:36 UTC  

i wouldnt be surprised if the 9/11 investigation was reopened

2016-12-11 07:15:43 UTC  

in fact hes said it should be reopened

2016-12-11 07:15:50 UTC  

I'm not ready go down this road to talk about 9-11 truther stuff, I'll save that for when I'm settled a little further into this cummunity if you don't mind XD

2016-12-11 07:15:58 UTC  

thats fine

2016-12-11 07:16:03 UTC  

i got into it around 2003

2016-12-11 07:16:11 UTC  

i followed it for the better part of 10 years before i got burnt out with it

2016-12-11 07:16:29 UTC  

but since i stopped paying much attention theyve got some real firepower in the movement

2016-12-11 07:16:45 UTC  

theyve got a bunch of lawyers, professional architects/engineers and now a major university study out of alaska

2016-12-11 07:17:05 UTC  

Alaska's a start XD

2016-12-11 07:17:13 UTC  

the lawyers have been issuing legal requests and i think lawsuits to NIST

2016-12-11 07:17:36 UTC  

well theyve had other university professors speak up but they usually get fired

2016-12-11 07:17:44 UTC  

Good for him, i'll have to gradually wade myself through all of this though.

2016-12-11 07:18:04 UTC  

are you familiar with the official government report from NIST?

2016-12-11 07:18:12 UTC  

thatd be the place to start because that was the official investigation

2016-12-11 07:18:19 UTC  

at least as far as the WTC buildings went

2016-12-11 07:18:42 UTC  

the kean commission report went into the political aspects of it and thats where those 28 pages just got declassified recently that implicated saudi arabian involvement

2016-12-11 07:19:16 UTC  

I suspected Saudi involvement, especially since they fund wahhabi mosques all over the place.

2016-12-11 07:19:17 UTC  

if i knew any rich people with investments in saudi arabia id be telling them to get the hell out of there now because with whats going to happen between oil prices, pedophilia scandals and 9/11 its going to be wiped out lol

2016-12-11 07:20:02 UTC  

The Saudis and Iranians can piss off for all I care.

2016-12-11 07:20:25 UTC  

before trump even handed off his business ties, he straight up shut down everything he had going on with the saudis

2016-12-11 07:20:31 UTC  

just closed those deals straight down and packed his shit up

2016-12-11 07:20:41 UTC  

so it looks like hes not even going to be passing off those business connections to his kids

2016-12-11 07:21:30 UTC  

Look, if the Saudis are found funding ISIS, and their involement in 9/11 is significant enough, I'm willing to say we would have every right to gut them alive.

2016-12-11 07:21:45 UTC  

That's just me though.

2016-12-11 07:23:00 UTC  

might have their own people do it to them

2016-12-11 07:23:16 UTC  

thats what id hope because im tired of the wars in the middle east

2016-12-11 07:23:38 UTC  

i came of age under bush II and i NEVER wanted to serve in the military under that douche

2016-12-11 07:23:53 UTC  

but under trump i would consider it just for the structure itd give me

2016-12-11 07:24:03 UTC  

but not if we're still starting wars over there

2016-12-11 07:24:31 UTC  

im not saying id be too chickenshit to fight in a war but i had buddies fight over there and it messed some of them up terribly

2016-12-11 07:24:51 UTC  

like they killed innocent families by mistake but they were following orders as they were taught, so thats how they get fucked up in the head

2016-12-11 07:25:24 UTC  

i heard about one of my buddies who came back, said some guy was out running in his garden or something and for some reason they had to open fire on him. when his family came running out to help him they gunned them all down too

2016-12-11 07:25:33 UTC  

it makes me about sick to even hear about shit like that

2016-12-11 07:26:05 UTC  

and i know my buddy was a good dude, but that was a nasty fucking war over there

2016-12-11 07:27:02 UTC  

i hate to say it but that way of operating is up there with nazi shit as far as im concerned

2016-12-11 07:27:28 UTC  

whoever set the rules for engagement was a sick dude

2016-12-11 07:28:04 UTC  


2016-12-11 07:35:54 UTC  

I ended up crashing.

2016-12-11 08:05:17 UTC  

Slav, you're on?

2016-12-11 08:06:51 UTC  

Hi All, just came over from gab.

2016-12-11 08:07:10 UTC  

Most everyone is off tonight, just me that's 'online' right now.