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he does nothing.

2016-12-14 20:34:02 UTC  

You have no power here i say to HIM.

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europe was like that too before the renaissance and all that shit. they used to burn people at the stake and all that

2016-12-14 20:34:29 UTC  

Sacrifices stopped because "god" told them he didnt want them to do it.

2016-12-14 20:34:36 UTC  

at least according to the bible.

2016-12-14 20:34:47 UTC  

im sure that's close to their reasonings as well.

2016-12-14 20:34:48 UTC  

yeah but im not sure they got the message very quick

2016-12-14 20:34:49 UTC  

rather, because people gave in and let themselves be baptized

2016-12-14 20:35:04 UTC  

we're all saved by this dip in holy water. 😄

2016-12-14 20:35:09 UTC  

lots of the burning was christians waging cultural war on native European culture

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2016-12-14 20:35:23 UTC  

or maybe I should watch less of Varg VIkernes' yt channel

2016-12-14 20:35:27 UTC  

people starting shit over something that isn't real.

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i like studying the pre-christian religions of europe too. its some interesting stuff

2016-12-14 20:35:56 UTC  

i like the circular view of history

2016-12-14 20:36:03 UTC  

similar to that in Hindu culture

2016-12-14 20:36:03 UTC  

it repeats itself.

2016-12-14 20:36:09 UTC  

as they say,

2016-12-14 20:36:15 UTC  

welcome to the 90's atm.

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with all the fads that are coming back

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I just hope Trump doesn't fuck this up.

2016-12-14 20:36:51 UTC  

i just that "they" dont fuck trump up

2016-12-14 20:36:55 UTC  

i have confidence in the man himself

2016-12-14 20:36:58 UTC  

hope that**

2016-12-14 20:37:04 UTC  

well i didn't vote at all.

2016-12-14 20:37:10 UTC  

because i didn't like any of the candidates.

2016-12-14 20:37:10 UTC  

how come?

2016-12-14 20:37:17 UTC  

not even the god emperor!?

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Not even g e

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i recognized last fall that he was the head of a military counter-coup and sure enough hes naming an assload of military people to his cabinet. hes getting his intel from military too, thats why he rejects CIA intel briefings

2016-12-14 20:37:52 UTC  

I always this when someone questions Trump: He'll fix the economy, he won't fix the culture

2016-12-14 20:38:08 UTC  

THE PEOPLE have to fix the CULTURE

2016-12-14 20:38:12 UTC  

not the government.