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with all the fads that are coming back

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I just hope Trump doesn't fuck this up.

2016-12-14 20:36:51 UTC  

i just that "they" dont fuck trump up

2016-12-14 20:36:55 UTC  

i have confidence in the man himself

2016-12-14 20:36:58 UTC  

hope that**

2016-12-14 20:37:04 UTC  

well i didn't vote at all.

2016-12-14 20:37:10 UTC  

because i didn't like any of the candidates.

2016-12-14 20:37:10 UTC  

how come?

2016-12-14 20:37:17 UTC  

not even the god emperor!?

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Not even g e

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i recognized last fall that he was the head of a military counter-coup and sure enough hes naming an assload of military people to his cabinet. hes getting his intel from military too, thats why he rejects CIA intel briefings

2016-12-14 20:37:52 UTC  

I always this when someone questions Trump: He'll fix the economy, he won't fix the culture

2016-12-14 20:38:08 UTC  

THE PEOPLE have to fix the CULTURE

2016-12-14 20:38:12 UTC  

not the government.

2016-12-14 20:38:15 UTC  

He wants to be liked and remembered as a good president. So he'll make sure people are happy and employed.

2016-12-14 20:38:22 UTC  

I think the backlash against all the leftie hate might fix the culture

2016-12-14 20:38:26 UTC  

the culture will take longer to fix but if we just cut the MSM shit networks out like CNN itll go a long way to stopping the problem

2016-12-14 20:38:37 UTC  

They kept calling him white nationalist, racist, etc. and now he won

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these SJWs and crybabies need to stop having a massive platform to spew propaganda

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im not against him

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so people might be thinking, well those might just be bullshit insults

2016-12-14 20:39:00 UTC  

and once the fear of being called racist is gone

2016-12-14 20:39:03 UTC  

who knows what happens 😃

2016-12-14 20:39:11 UTC  

Lol everyone is racist though.

2016-12-14 20:39:17 UTC  

when will the MSM realize that

2016-12-14 20:39:19 UTC  

Yeah, but he also disavowed white nationalism. So...I mean look - he's great. But he's not our ideal candidate.

2016-12-14 20:39:27 UTC  

agree with you on that

2016-12-14 20:39:32 UTC  

ive heard a lot of people who travel and work internationally say that the US is actually one of the least racist places in the west. it just gets ramrodded down our throats 24/7 by MSM

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he's good but not ideal.

2016-12-14 20:39:42 UTC  

but a hell of a lot closer to "ours" than the rest

2016-12-14 20:39:52 UTC  

it's like half of him is what we want but the rest of him could be left for better days.

2016-12-14 20:39:55 UTC  

max keiser says the UK is tons more racist in an arrogant way

2016-12-14 20:40:00 UTC  

He's the closest electable option. So I guess we have to stick with it.