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Swiss posted this over on the QC....I love it. You know how I loathe the acronyms, Chef. LOL

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I've noticed a lot of Trump-related news that is leading even the Right away from what POTUS is doing in secret for the USA and the world. Major distractions happening. This is likely the 'magic' Q team was talking about. Sleight of hand. I'm drawn, in the attached post, to "Who has the power?" The POWER, as spoken of by Q team, is with the US Military and we, the people. The emphasis has always been on the latter more than the former, re-reading the posts. It's us. It's a rallying cry to keep fighting the good fight. We'll fight and win WWIII without a shot being fired right from behind our keyboards.

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The only real sauce I've seen pointing to 3/15 (count the plus signs +++ + +++++ 3 - 1 - 5) as a really significant day. That's tomorrow! HRC video? That would be GLORIOUS!

Anons on the chans say the growing tide of the UK and US(?) against Russia will have Russia release the video. BAM! Trump doesn't have to get his hands dirty. The work gets done. It's not pinned on either political party. This makes more sense regarding the release of the HRC video than anything I've heard. Masterful tactic!

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I know this might not at first seem like it is Q related, but watch it and see. After watching it, and it is very long, I have an entirely new understanding of Hitler. And because we are asked to look at "N"azi subgroups, I want to go back now and re-learn all I thought I once knew about Nazi. And then see how that is connecting to Maria/Mai"N"a and Ive done tons of resarch on Ms. Chrissy T. and her "Luna"... chk this out...

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Tomorrow is the *Ides of March*. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts.

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dude on twitter made a spreadsheet of resignations starting Sept

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I have been researching this for years, but only recently realized that the Nazi-Muslim SS Hanshar brigades may very well be the "subgroup" of the NAZI's that Q mentioned the other day.

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Years ago I wrote a dissertation on a journey taken and reported on by a high ranking rabbi in Israel. The PC it was on crashed and the location I had it saved online no longer exists. But in essence it had to do with a very large cruise ship that was used to take some of the world most powerful and wealthy people on a trip that began in Malaysia, went around the southern tip of Sri Lanka and along the western coast of India up to Karachi. There were no less than 200 members of the Muslim Brotherhood on that ship and at least 700 others that were invited to take the cruise. It was a select group of people including the most wealthy, the powerful, and the most influential. NO one from the media was invited.

It was August 1981 and the reason for the trip was to introduce all of these rich and powerful people from all over the world to someone claiming to be Christ the Madhi, the leader of the new Global Religion.

Coincidentally, it was the same summer that Barrack Obama made his shrouded in mystery trip to Indonesia to visit family and then "made a stopover" in Pakistan before returning to the U.S.

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T-2 trump jr/ivanka?

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Remember this Q post? 614610
They made many current/former enslaved children famous.
Hollywood is filled w/ them.
Find the loudest voices.
Who was adopted?
Who was born in?
They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.
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Here is a link to an interesting article about the former child stars....these crimes go way back...

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If you want to hear the loudest voice, check out Corey Feldman. He's been trying to raise awareness of pedowood for a long time

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Thanks @jamesmunder ( (An amazing tool for looking threw the emails)

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Later in voice, if some can get on, I have a huge theory on Hitler that I want to discuss and who is "N". Tons of connections of Spirit Cooking, Maria/Maria"N"a *missing N), Chrissy t and her "luna" moon child--she is not renting out luna on twitter cause all her money been confiscated maybe, skull and bones --mia paper planes--posted 2x now by JA---nazi "subgroup" --- and watching the "greatest story never told" and learning Jews declaired war on germany and hitler was a straw much. all leads back to "Nachash"--lucifer.

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@Aavelle Where did you read about "N"? I don't remember if I read something about it before

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What’s important is who is pulling the strings behind that movement. Not the movement itself. Again discord is not a fan of anything in this category.. they are very vague in there “tos” and it could fall into about 3 categories for termination..

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@Aavelle Look at the above Q posts....I hope that this clarifies. Focus should not be on the Nazis. We should more focus on who holds the strings to these world players. Subgroups are a focus. Also, the ideology still is relevant...and its model may be found in some subgroups. We need to dig and find these subgroups, perhaps.

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I'm wondering if this was @Enoch posting on the chan? This is some good sauce of current news events, regardless.

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nice sauce, but not i sir

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First words I spoke when I saw this were: "Holy Moly!"

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I would like to be a fly on the wall in that

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thanks brother love hearing and listening to truthtellers and white hat like minded people