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2016-12-14 21:33:12 UTC  

worry not

2016-12-14 21:33:16 UTC  

I am a vegan

2016-12-14 21:33:19 UTC  


2016-12-14 21:33:23 UTC  

Vegans can only have sex with vegetables

2016-12-14 21:33:26 UTC  

Like this downy here

2016-12-14 21:33:36 UTC  

i hope you like bananas cos i have fruit by the foot.

2016-12-14 21:33:39 UTC  

of coures you are. you can't stop from telling us that you're a vegan

2016-12-14 21:33:44 UTC  

that's the rule

2016-12-14 21:33:50 UTC  

you must tell everyone that you are vegan

2016-12-14 21:33:54 UTC  

and then explain what it means for an hour

2016-12-14 21:34:08 UTC  

how do you know if someone is vegan?

2016-12-14 21:34:09 UTC  

We can't eat any animal products except scat

2016-12-14 21:34:12 UTC  

they told you in the first five minutes.

2016-12-14 21:34:14 UTC  

exactly, that's true diversity, multiple veggies is multiculturalism

2016-12-14 21:34:15 UTC  

Which is a form of carbon sequestration

2016-12-14 21:34:26 UTC  

Eating fruit and veggies = diversity

2016-12-14 21:34:36 UTC  

The UN wants us to eat bugs

2016-12-14 21:34:41 UTC  

I think they call it "bug chasing"

2016-12-14 21:36:38 UTC  

abortion is murder

2016-12-14 21:36:49 UTC  

but, some need to be aborted

2016-12-14 21:36:50 UTC  

Mafia declared war on the migrants

2016-12-14 21:36:59 UTC  

wait until they have a gene test for Leftists

2016-12-14 21:37:03 UTC  

abort! abort! abort!

2016-12-14 21:37:39 UTC  

Mafiosi basically rule Italy as far as I can tell

2016-12-14 21:37:39 UTC  

Abortion has reasons to outlaw it, but also permit it. But then you have reasons to not support it and then other reasons to support it.

2016-12-14 21:37:41 UTC  

So this is good

2016-12-14 21:37:51 UTC  

My stance is leave it up to the GP

2016-12-14 21:37:54 UTC  

No abortion clinics

2016-12-14 21:38:00 UTC  

But, if there is a problem...

2016-12-14 21:38:08 UTC  


2016-12-14 21:38:13 UTC  

that's similar

2016-12-14 21:38:39 UTC  

I agree with Brittany about souls

2016-12-14 21:38:42 UTC  

it was Wendy Davis' fillibuster that ended her career and made her run for governer and get her ass kicked up I10

2016-12-14 21:38:49 UTC  

Abortion is birth control for the lazy

2016-12-14 21:39:00 UTC  

Wendy Davis ate it huge

2016-12-14 21:39:08 UTC  

lost by 22 points, it was fucking epic

2016-12-14 21:39:21 UTC  

I enjoyed the misery on the Left after it

2016-12-14 21:39:40 UTC  

@HeimatFreiheitTradition condoms are terrible