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See....Enoch can kick a little ass too!

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Show starts in a few

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Gobo, can I share to my twatter feed? Thx

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Share any meme you wish. All are for everyone!@FLanon2018

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THX Gobo!

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>be working downtown Toronto

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>see this

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Not sure if I am posting this in the right room - a link to my google drive of 2200+ memes

join us on twitch at and youtube at

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It is a file cabinet of memes. It is as active as the meme you pull or add. Why? @Deleted User

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Let’s go Buckeyes. Don’t forget to get out and vote. Let’s get Troy in there.
He’s not only great for the party, but he’ll be a champion for Ohio.
He’s a big time jobs guy, pro life and a staunch defender of the 2nd.
He and his family have been involved in the auto industry for as long as I can remember, and I know that bringing our plants and automotive industry back is not only close to his heart, but at the top of his agenda. And he is nobody’s “yes man.” He’s a get er done guy.
Our coal plants are back in operation, steel plants are running full tilt. Oil and gas is still going strong. No reason why we can’t get our automotive plants back. Don’t settle for pretty good.
We have a chance to elect someone that believes that setting the standard is standard procedure.
Let’s get behind him! Go Bucks 💪😎

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Help us FIGHT the MSM! Posted yesterday by none other than NBC!! TO counter their uhoh posts about deleting OLD TWEETS...they countered their mistake tweet with an ATTACK on QANON. GO flood this one, folks. Show the world that WE believe and follow Q!!!

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@everyone its time for us to show the MSM who the “MAJORITY” are! (Meme’s/Info-graphs/Proofs) These are exciting times! Where We Go One We Go All !!

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Are you on several Q servers? Spread it around, Patriots!

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Can someone make a meme with With Trump playing poker against Ji, Khameini, Juncker, Trudeau, Erdogan, Mueller, Brennan and other enemies of the people.

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Plane targets ketron island white hat mission

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"our favorite patients, a display of patience, disease covered PUGET SOUUUUUUUUND"

2018-08-21 02:19:21 UTC meme fodder, too good

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Missing Q posts again...there was a post on the 25th that tied back a month...regarding McCain....apparently....this BS was planned.

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SC Vote to confirm coming, oh no, McCain died...sort of...regardless he won't be voting.