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2018-06-18 03:44:34 UTC  

most of the time our bombing target civilian military suppliment structures like munitions factorys, rail roads, airports, naval ports, and bases of opperations

2018-06-18 03:45:28 UTC  

Thats why Hiroshima was targeted, actually. It wasn't just a random pin on a map.

2018-06-18 03:46:12 UTC  

That, and it would have less casualties than targeting Tokyo. I don't think the Japanese would have forgiven us if we did that lol

2018-06-18 04:18:32 UTC  

Also, it would have caused more fighting. Its like shooting them in the thigh, and then say if you dont surrender, you bleed out or get shot in the head.

2018-06-18 04:19:12 UTC  

Japan did and the usa not only bandaged them they gave them a complete makeover

2018-06-18 04:20:21 UTC  

As shitty as targeting civs is, its a legit millitary tactic.

2018-06-18 04:48:55 UTC  

If the US nukes tokyo the high command dies

2018-06-18 04:49:04 UTC  

If the high command dies its unlikely the japanese surrender

2018-06-18 04:55:36 UTC  

new metokur

2018-06-18 06:23:11 UTC  

Two nukes created anime

2018-06-18 06:23:23 UTC  

Imagine if NK got two nukes as well

2018-06-18 06:43:55 UTC  

anime was already being used before the war started

2018-06-18 06:44:24 UTC  

there are a couple of pre war drawings of various Imperial Japanese Navy ships as girls

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What a dumb cunt lol

2018-06-18 09:45:52 UTC  

"Even if women say 'kill all men', they will remain protected by a system built in their favour"

Literally true

2018-06-18 09:48:29 UTC  

She meant that "they" as "men" though =p

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2018-06-18 09:49:28 UTC  

thats why she's a dumb cunt, cuz she meant to say the opposite

2018-06-18 09:50:00 UTC  

Yep 😂

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much woke

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a strap on is so much weaker than a dick

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Today Trump called for the military to form a new branch.

The Space Force.

2018-06-18 17:07:33 UTC  

It will be Star Wars done right.

2018-06-18 17:10:35 UTC  

Game over man, game over

2018-06-18 17:11:04 UTC  

it'll be the colonial marines from Aliens

2018-06-18 17:19:35 UTC  

hey, if we want to get back to the moon, or really ensure our species survival by getting off this rock, i say the best way is to tell the government there is an enemy on the moon, or on mars. Or that the ruskies are gonna build a base there, and we will be there in no time flat.

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isint nasa a military org?

2018-06-18 18:05:37 UTC  

Hmm, so he can be the god emperor of the imperium?

2018-06-18 18:06:48 UTC  

Space race suppremacy