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2018-06-19 02:17:40 UTC  

I would suggest that but I don’t think they make shirts that way.

2018-06-19 02:17:53 UTC  

the existence of Lesbian and Gay validate two genders.

2018-06-19 02:17:54 UTC  

im sure it can be done

2018-06-19 02:18:14 UTC  

But I don’t know if the company Tim uses does it.

2018-06-19 02:18:47 UTC  

Usually it’s just really basic front/back stuff.

2018-06-19 02:19:40 UTC  

I'd never heard of this before yesterday's podcast.

2018-06-19 02:20:01 UTC

2018-06-19 02:20:20 UTC  

Can HoPT stand for anything problematic?

2018-06-19 02:21:01 UTC  

Hey guys wanna see the stupidest thing ever?

2018-06-19 02:21:01 UTC  

i remember 3 games being played through school like that

2018-06-19 02:21:04 UTC

2018-06-19 02:21:08 UTC  

circle game was one

2018-06-19 02:21:37 UTC  

there was this other assassination game that was played

2018-06-19 02:22:20 UTC  

like a group of 10-15 kids would play everyday and act as if a closed fist with an extended thumb was a knife

2018-06-19 02:22:44 UTC  

you would have to sneak up on people and 'cut throats' from behind

2018-06-19 02:22:57 UTC  

youd be out for the day

2018-06-19 02:23:02 UTC  

if you got killed

2018-06-19 02:23:39 UTC  

by the end of high school it morphed into some weird nut punching game

2018-06-19 02:24:30 UTC  

That's the punching game I grew up with.

2018-06-19 02:24:45 UTC

2018-06-19 02:24:52 UTC  

I tried to make PT Cruiser Bruiser a thing, but it didn't work

2018-06-19 02:25:41 UTC  

I almost feel that the gold branch things makes it too obvious it’s a joke.

2018-06-19 02:25:47 UTC  

This is unrelated, but I was listening to an interview with Karen straughan, and she talked about a study where in eight schools, the students were given a recess, which was completely unmonitored by adults. Apparently, bullying was almost entirely eradicated.

2018-06-19 02:26:07 UTC  

This better?

2018-06-19 02:26:20 UTC  


2018-06-19 02:26:36 UTC  

I think this looks pretty stylish, too

2018-06-19 02:26:50 UTC  

Take off the wreath, and people might wear it unironically

2018-06-19 02:27:25 UTC  

Also the back could have like twenty more letters on it.

2018-06-19 02:27:37 UTC  

Just fill it up.

2018-06-19 02:28:01 UTC  

Make sure to put LMNOPQRS at the end of the letter string

2018-06-19 02:29:48 UTC  

Ah good idea.

2018-06-19 02:32:39 UTC  

That shirt is great. Good job.

2018-06-19 02:38:53 UTC  


2018-06-19 02:38:58 UTC  

Hell yes

2018-06-19 02:39:03 UTC  

I'd buy that

2018-06-19 02:39:07 UTC  


2018-06-19 02:39:28 UTC  

Looks Great!

2018-06-19 02:39:44 UTC  

@Timcast new shirt design

2018-06-19 02:39:49 UTC  

I'd say we need another 1984 reference, off of this

2018-06-19 02:40:15 UTC  

But I can't think of any face we can actually use for Big Brother that wouldn't get sued into the ground.