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2018-07-01 14:25:44 UTC  

In the end everyone would be doing drugs and dying young of boredom

2018-07-01 14:25:52 UTC  


2018-07-01 14:27:21 UTC  

No drugs in communist state

2018-07-01 14:27:26 UTC  

Aids probably

2018-07-01 14:27:44 UTC  

But in communism, sex is not really encouraged

2018-07-01 14:27:46 UTC  

We should have a "Post your political compass results day"

2018-07-01 14:27:56 UTC  

There was alot of meth in NK

2018-07-01 14:27:58 UTC  

It's just a mechanism for baby making in a communist society

2018-07-01 14:28:03 UTC  

No Ginga, i'd end up Authoritarian Right 😛

2018-07-01 14:28:10 UTC  

The Sex thing is kinda true, you need permission to have a child.

2018-07-01 14:28:15 UTC  

Its a reward.

2018-07-01 14:28:16 UTC  

No, no

2018-07-01 14:28:18 UTC  

Not that

2018-07-01 14:28:25 UTC  

In NK it was

2018-07-01 14:28:40 UTC  

In a communist society, sex is completely divorced from romance, or any kind of emotion

2018-07-01 14:28:45 UTC  

Like, you now may mate for the purpose of reproduction today.

2018-07-01 14:28:51 UTC  

Its a reward.

2018-07-01 14:29:01 UTC  

You know how in 1984 you get punished for being in love?

2018-07-01 14:29:16 UTC  

It's actually based on communist russia

2018-07-01 14:29:43 UTC  

In fact, it's one of the first things to go in a communist society

2018-07-01 14:29:57 UTC  

jeez man those fking eyes

2018-07-01 14:30:00 UTC  

Lol, explains why some leftists are trying to make sex not a love thing

2018-07-01 14:30:08 UTC  

gouge them out, they terrify me

2018-07-01 14:30:10 UTC  

Yeah, it's pretty weird

2018-07-01 14:30:15 UTC  

Like theres that, its not gay to have sex with your gay friends.

2018-07-01 14:30:28 UTC  

The poster even said stop associating love with sex.

2018-07-01 14:30:40 UTC  

They have nothing to do with each other.

2018-07-01 14:31:01 UTC  

It must be made by some really thirsty gay beta male.

2018-07-01 14:31:21 UTC  

The scary part is, Orwell predicted that this would be the beginning of the establishment of a totalitarian society

2018-07-01 14:32:17 UTC  

But i'm not taking *that* black pill yet

2018-07-01 14:32:48 UTC  

I think people fear 1984 too much,

Cuz they don't point at the fact half of reality follows along with the book "Brave new world"

2018-07-01 14:33:12 UTC  

where its the opposite,

Weak government allowing everything, so people just become enslaved by distractions

2018-07-01 14:33:38 UTC  

Well, 1984 is something that has been repeated over and over again

2018-07-01 14:33:41 UTC  


2018-07-01 14:33:45 UTC  

It's much more likely

2018-07-01 14:33:46 UTC  

so is brave new world

2018-07-01 14:34:06 UTC  

We're seeing a pattern similar to the fall of the Roman Empire

2018-07-01 14:34:36 UTC  

Brave new world is likely, but I'm not seeing the government being weaker, just becoming more and more authoritarian

2018-07-01 14:35:01 UTC  

Look at the EU, China, America

2018-07-01 14:35:12 UTC  

All monitoring the citizens