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The Germans had a secret code they used for all their important messages. It was called "Enigma". What they didn't know was that the British had cracked the code. One day, Churchill's people intercepted a message authorizing the bombing of a city named Coventry. Now, if they evacuated Coventry, the Germans would know their code had been broken, and switch to another system. If that happened, it could cost the Allies the entire war. If they didn't evacuate the city, hundreds of innocent men, women, and children would die.

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They kept the secret. There was no evacuation. And on November 14, 1940, Coventry was destroyed. The dead were... piled up like cordwood! I--I've seen newsreels of Churchill visiting the ruins a few days later. And you can just see it in his eyes, the knowledge of what he'd done. Dark, haunted. All these years I've never been able to get that image out of my head.

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Fuck me, its the train moral dilemma

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never looked into it

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but it's apparently an urban legend

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well, possibly

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it dates back to the 70's

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Though it sounds too damn plausible. So take it with a grain of salt

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I will take it

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Which, oddly, happened when they named the shoah

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that's about all

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peace out

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prepare the patient's scalp, to peel away
metal caps his ears, he'll hear not what we say
solid steel visor, riveted across his eyes
iron staples close his jaws, so no one hears his cries.

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Did JDM just appear

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no he was here

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I know he's the ruler of the offbrand sargon server

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oh no we have actual rules now

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no more mpreg

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no more vore

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no more nsfw

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that's fucking retarded

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fill the place with bots that can get compromised

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2. No race-baiting, racism, or other racially charged attacks

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???? ???

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How will our resident WS live?

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The really is one hell of a shitpost

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i think we actually have 2 WS's

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one is more vocal though

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