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hale hortler!

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"Days later, the Malaysian government offered him re-entry into the country under a refugee resettlement program for Syrian refugees introduced in 2015, but he declined because Malaysia has not signed the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, therefore he cannot be a legitimate refugee there."

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@grenade that moment when I look at the art on that column and know exactly what game that's from...

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yes, the one that messes with you as you read it

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good read though

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Is there really a difference? 🤔

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coloreds will steal your stuff

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gamers just make annoying noises

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Literally more than half of the world's open air defecation

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And they're simultaneously absorbing a lot of tech jobs

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${X} in the loo

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It's why they are cheap. Less overhead

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The amusing thing is that they actually do have the toilets

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Govt spent a ton of money putting them in

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But they don't want to empty them out

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It's a relic of the caste system

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Not shitting in toilets means you don’t have to clean them.

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Those that do build and use commodes in rural india tend to build them 5-10 times larger than they are in other countries

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Since 'I'll be dead by the time it needs to be emptied, so that's my grandson's problem'

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@Beemann the same money they made worthless overnight?

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I mean, being Yen tier is actually pretty decent for trade isn't it?

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lmao, when I try to enlarge it only shows poop

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