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Thats... A rather interesting reaction.

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That pisses me off to no end.

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And people didnt believe me when I told them that cops visit you for antimuslim posts in london

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That last one caught me offguard

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>you are have

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That looks sanitary

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Is that real?

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*jowl shaking intensifies*

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thats'a me

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*snaps fingers, half internet fades to ash*

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But I guess there is a difference in finding all children (because they're children) attractive and finding a specific gender of child you're attracted to because they represent certain charactaristics of maturity. Loli, general weeb shit, oversexualization of teenagers in tv/films and all that.

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As a culture we can all rally together to hate them and have that stigma of shame so it's not a valued element. but i'm sure theres a psychological difference between the variations of that "illness." hell, autism is on a spectrum.

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if you have a half hour of free time

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I got a pride flag.

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