Message from propyne in Subverse #shitposting

2018-07-14 19:28:33 UTC  

Needs more pixels

2018-07-14 19:28:44 UTC  

Whats the flag at the top?

2018-07-14 19:28:54 UTC  

Why does mine have a gear

2018-07-14 19:29:12 UTC  

For the productivism, presumably

2018-07-14 19:29:13 UTC  

Why are all of ours yellow + blue

2018-07-14 19:29:38 UTC  

Where does the dark blue come from?

2018-07-14 19:30:33 UTC  

Also, I like how me and zero have the same quote

2018-07-14 19:30:44 UTC  

Though fatherland is pretty ultranationalist

2018-07-14 19:30:47 UTC  

Also, you have 10% more laissez-fare

2018-07-14 19:31:10 UTC  

I think that's from me doing strongly agree on the preventing monopolies thing

2018-07-14 19:31:20 UTC  

I did that as well.

2018-07-14 19:31:30 UTC  

That sometimes you will need to prevent a monopoly

2018-07-14 19:31:54 UTC  

I suspect its cause I said no to reducing retirement age

2018-07-14 19:32:24 UTC  

I said neutral, that may be it

2018-07-14 19:33:30 UTC  

Way I see it, it should be up to the individual. When you think you've got enough of a retirement fund you should be able to retire, which would in some cases be earlier and in some later

2018-07-14 19:33:34 UTC  

i just thought of fucking telecoms

2018-07-14 19:33:39 UTC  

goddamn aborations

2018-07-14 19:34:02 UTC  

I think it shouldnt be changed really. But at the same time, think it shouldnt be enforced.

2018-07-14 19:34:11 UTC  


2018-07-14 19:34:15 UTC  

And its up to their employers or the individual when they wish to retire.

2018-07-14 19:34:26 UTC  

gov't get outta my retirement reee

2018-07-14 19:34:26 UTC  

Also, privately managed retirement fund accounts

2018-07-14 19:37:01 UTC  

I like how the state prioritizing citizens over foreigners was even a question

2018-07-14 19:37:40 UTC  

Well, the opposite can be a socialist and progressive stance at the same time.

2018-07-14 19:37:50 UTC  

Give to them cause they need it more.

2018-07-14 19:38:01 UTC  

Give to them cause its 2018

2018-07-14 19:38:13 UTC  

You say that like socialists and progressives don't usually overlap anyways

2018-07-14 19:41:23 UTC  

I mean, progressive policies do tend towards socialist as well.

2018-07-14 19:41:33 UTC  

Regardless of how different their end goals may be

2018-07-14 19:41:57 UTC  

I'm not convinced the end goals are that different

2018-07-14 19:42:02 UTC  

Just different groups

2018-07-14 19:42:58 UTC  

WEll on a scale, progressive ie. prioritizing foreigners vs conservative ie. prioritizing the citizen

2018-07-14 19:43:07 UTC  

The commies justified the invasion of Finland with supposed mistreatment of the ethnic minorities there for example

2018-07-14 19:43:15 UTC  

If the previous stance was prioritizing citizens.

2018-07-14 19:43:18 UTC  

Dunno if that actually happened, but it hardly matters

2018-07-14 19:44:04 UTC  

That would make the foreigners the "oppressed". For that time being, commies and progressives share the same goal. To uplift the oppressed and simultenously bring down the "oppressors"

2018-07-14 19:44:23 UTC  


2018-07-14 19:44:28 UTC  

The commies always stand behind a wave of angry people who think they have nothing to lose.

2018-07-14 19:44:44 UTC  

And end up killing of their most productive members.

2018-07-14 19:44:44 UTC  

And that's what the US progressives are doing right now, aren't they

2018-07-14 19:45:34 UTC  

Which is why I cant see myself siding with the US progressives.