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2016-12-21 02:44:21 UTC  

oh fuck escoffier we were just talking about him!

2016-12-21 02:44:23 UTC  

1st thing you do when faced with a 1a,2d nut is to insult the constitution and the founding fathers

2016-12-21 02:44:26 UTC  

works like a charm

2016-12-21 02:44:35 UTC  


2016-12-21 02:44:40 UTC  

''the logic ninja''

2016-12-21 02:44:46 UTC  

The irony is they have no idea what the founding fathers wrote

2016-12-21 02:44:58 UTC  

i feel like he paid someone on fiverr to draw that ninja for him

2016-12-21 02:45:01 UTC  

ofc they don't, just like commies don't know what Marx wrote

2016-12-21 02:45:03 UTC  


2016-12-21 02:45:06 UTC  

for goodness sake one of our eariest wars was with the Barbary pirates

2016-12-21 02:45:09 UTC  

when they said ''whites of good character'' they really meant to let in any mystery meat that shows up at the border

2016-12-21 02:45:20 UTC  

too true about the commies

2016-12-21 02:45:26 UTC  

LOL Pill

2016-12-21 02:45:27 UTC  

yea brian, you're right, Jefferson did a horrible job fighting it though, but yea

2016-12-21 02:45:38 UTC  

hahaha pill

2016-12-21 02:45:49 UTC  

at the end of the day, who gives a fuck what the founders wanted

2016-12-21 02:46:05 UTC  

yeah i mean i read that they were really racist

2016-12-21 02:46:10 UTC  

we can't listen to those guys

2016-12-21 02:46:23 UTC  

are Pill and me supposed to look to Medieval Serbian law for answers to our modern problems?

2016-12-21 02:46:24 UTC  

heh, they were racst af

2016-12-21 02:46:30 UTC  


2016-12-21 02:46:31 UTC  

let's instead think of what peole wanted 120 years ago when they wrote the fucking laws to keep non-whites out and to make sure germans could get in

2016-12-21 02:46:34 UTC  

Dusan's code

2016-12-21 02:46:36 UTC  

fucken OP

2016-12-21 02:46:40 UTC  

true dat

2016-12-21 02:46:51 UTC  

let's go back to hamarabian code imo

2016-12-21 02:46:59 UTC  

let's go back to babylon

2016-12-21 02:47:01 UTC  

still better than what you have now

2016-12-21 02:47:04 UTC  

that is babylon dude

2016-12-21 02:47:09 UTC  

eye for an eye > turn the other cheek

2016-12-21 02:47:10 UTC  

So is it cool to post invites to this discord on gab?

2016-12-21 02:47:10 UTC  

ye i kno

2016-12-21 02:47:11 UTC  

tis obvious

2016-12-21 02:47:24 UTC  

only if the person is cool and/or acting like a retard

2016-12-21 02:47:38 UTC  

no mexicans though

2016-12-21 02:47:42 UTC  

no beaners

2016-12-21 02:47:46 UTC  

well that's what moderation is for.

2016-12-21 02:47:47 UTC  


2016-12-21 02:47:52 UTC  

But i lahk burritos

2016-12-21 02:47:52 UTC  

border bunnies or taco benders

2016-12-21 02:48:14 UTC  

no oven potatoes