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2018-09-28 14:59:06 UTC  

met probably meaning being in the same place at one point in all their years

2018-09-28 14:59:11 UTC  

people claiming to be feminists are infantilizing women and removing their agency, and actually exacerbating the problems they're claiming to champion.

2018-09-28 14:59:32 UTC  

yeah, I hate this because it make credible claims look bad as well

2018-09-28 14:59:51 UTC  

credible = with more evidence

2018-09-28 15:02:05 UTC  

I expect more claims with no evidence or credibility until some people start looking at their own biases

2018-09-28 15:02:08 UTC  

You guys don't see the trap you're in.

2018-09-28 15:02:17 UTC  

I'll explain in a moment

2018-09-28 15:03:08 UTC  

Is the trap that I want evidence? (and we didn't get it in this case)

2018-09-28 15:07:22 UTC  

I'll check back in and try to respond when you post your thing. Got to do some work.

2018-09-28 15:13:11 UTC  

Lindsey Graham was right. Change my mind

2018-09-28 15:15:57 UTC  

@Beemann He's Republican QED

2018-09-28 15:16:23 UTC  

So was McCain

2018-09-28 15:16:29 UTC  

So is Flake

2018-09-28 15:16:47 UTC  

So was Bush, so is Rubio

2018-09-28 15:17:54 UTC  

So, here's my premise.

2018-09-28 15:18:31 UTC  

I support Kavanaugh. I believe he's innocent until proven guilty. I believe the entire hearing was a farce

2018-09-28 15:19:36 UTC  

I believe one of the most telling moments in the hearing was Booker asking Kavanaugh if he would've preferred the accuser hadn't come forward.

2018-09-28 15:20:19 UTC  

That would be a sustainable objection at best and a disbarment at worst in an ACTUAL court of law.

2018-09-28 15:21:02 UTC  

The trap we fall in to, though, is hypocrisy.

2018-09-28 15:21:39 UTC  

That's because the only thing that differentiated this from a kangaroo court was the number of dems in seats lol

2018-09-28 15:21:52 UTC  

If we believe that Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty of his charges

2018-09-28 15:23:18 UTC  

We can't make charges of perjury - and make no mistake that's what you're doing when you call her a liar - without evidence.

2018-09-28 15:23:48 UTC  

And the absence of evidence in one is not sustainable proof of the other.

2018-09-28 15:24:57 UTC  

If you dislike this court of public opinion, you have to step up and take the high road against it.

2018-09-28 15:25:09 UTC  

I think her claims can be ignored due to zero evidence. Whether or not I think she's a liar is irrelevant.

2018-09-28 15:25:10 UTC  

Not someone else, it has to start somewhere.

2018-09-28 15:25:11 UTC  

Both can be true though, she can not be lying and Kavanaugh can not be a sex offender

2018-09-28 15:25:30 UTC  

Which is the position I've consistently held

2018-09-28 15:26:18 UTC  

Because the same protections that protect Kavanaugh are the same that protect Ford.

2018-09-28 15:26:54 UTC  

It's been over 3 decades. She could easily misremember details. Mistake Kavanaugh for someone else, coping mechanisms could have kicked in etc

2018-09-28 15:27:29 UTC  

Unless you have evidence to prove she's lying about ever being a victim, you have to accept an impasse.

2018-09-28 15:27:54 UTC  

Otherwise you risk hypocrisy, and that will only strengthen your opposition

2018-09-28 15:28:01 UTC  

It's not even an impasse

2018-09-28 15:28:09 UTC  

It is, though.

2018-09-28 15:28:12 UTC  

It's not either or

2018-09-28 15:28:31 UTC  

Exactly which is why Kavanaugh would have a very hard time suing her for defamation.

2018-09-28 15:28:47 UTC  

He can't prove she's lying.

2018-09-28 15:28:54 UTC  

Her claim that she was victimized and Kavanaugh's claim that he is innocent can both simultaneously be true

2018-09-28 15:29:15 UTC  

She can also wholeheartedly believe it was him, and that could be false

2018-09-28 15:29:25 UTC  

Which means she isn't lying

2018-09-28 15:32:34 UTC  

It's Hanlons razor