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2020-03-06 06:53:19 UTC  

Whole point of America is for the govt not to decide morality or what you can say, or what you can buy. Go after the gays, and you'll get the USSR soon enough...which really loved gulaging the gays...just don't tell the DNC.

2020-03-06 06:53:19 UTC  

Is this an Islamaphobic chat?

2020-03-06 06:53:21 UTC  

iNcIteMenT oF vIolEnCe

2020-03-06 06:53:22 UTC  


2020-03-06 06:53:24 UTC  

its not as bad as pthe people make it out to be

2020-03-06 06:53:30 UTC  

Mihaly and condom probably agree

2020-03-06 06:53:34 UTC  

USA is the fattest country on the planet @AngloAmericanGod

2020-03-06 06:53:35 UTC  

At least Mihaky

2020-03-06 06:53:36 UTC  


2020-03-06 06:53:39 UTC  

Luke hates Muslims culture

2020-03-06 06:53:39 UTC  


2020-03-06 06:53:43 UTC  

Sad to see

2020-03-06 06:53:45 UTC  

Gays deserve nothing but death

2020-03-06 06:53:52 UTC  

never fully denied america was an obese country

2020-03-06 06:53:59 UTC  

just denying the idea that everyone is fat

2020-03-06 06:54:03 UTC  

or most areas are fat

2020-03-06 06:54:04 UTC  

Advocating for the death penalty is against the rules?

2020-03-06 06:54:11 UTC  

America wouldn’t be so fat if it wasn’t for immigration

2020-03-06 06:54:15 UTC  

if only 50% of socialists in US are obese that's still a goodscore compared to general population lol @AngloAmericanGod

2020-03-06 06:54:15 UTC  

this can be solved by capitalistic producitvity through creating more jobs

2020-03-06 06:54:19 UTC  

@pompompiggy So you are a Muslim then? They believe the same. 😛

2020-03-06 06:54:20 UTC  

instead of exporting them

2020-03-06 06:54:20 UTC  


2020-03-06 06:54:21 UTC  

and jhaden if you're going to troll and try to bring and say shit i'll warn ya for "No disrespecting staff."

2020-03-06 06:54:25 UTC  

Twenty 20 is a genius man

2020-03-06 06:54:26 UTC  

that was a joke

2020-03-06 06:54:31 UTC  

It’s not disrespecting

2020-03-06 06:54:33 UTC  

Chill Luke

2020-03-06 06:54:34 UTC  


2020-03-06 06:54:36 UTC  

not fifty percent

2020-03-06 06:54:36 UTC  

so chill o nsaying shit thats untrue about me

2020-03-06 06:54:36 UTC  

It’s fucking general

2020-03-06 06:54:37 UTC  

i hope

2020-03-06 06:54:38 UTC  

Luke you gotta stop

2020-03-06 06:54:40 UTC  

Jeez god

2020-03-06 06:54:44 UTC  

Don’t kill the fucking chat

2020-03-06 06:54:53 UTC  

get off if ur offended or smth

2020-03-06 06:54:58 UTC  

yea and I don't take kindly to having rumors and lies spread

2020-03-06 06:54:59 UTC  

@AngloAmericanGod I see that now you are backpeddaling when you cannot deny that US is so fat

2020-03-06 06:55:09 UTC  

Its not like what you’re doing is benefiting the server in any way

2020-03-06 06:55:10 UTC  

i didn't ay we weren't fat lol