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2018-11-26 04:32:29 UTC  

Who is Jim

2018-11-26 04:32:41 UTC  


2018-11-26 04:32:49 UTC  

I'm not familiar with that feud at all

2018-11-26 04:32:59 UTC  

Or the people besides Sargon

2018-11-26 05:20:58 UTC  

Yeah Jim is just some deeply closeted gay man

2018-11-26 14:24:14 UTC  

Thats not what sargon said @Dvir

2018-11-26 14:24:43 UTC  

And @Bookworm you sound like you have no balls

2018-11-26 14:26:07 UTC  

@DrWittMDPhD he finger banged his little asian on livestream

2018-11-26 14:28:11 UTC  

Jim is a good by who don’t do nuttin wrong

2018-11-26 14:29:22 UTC  

It is what Sargon said. Stop being a drama whore m8

2018-11-26 14:30:23 UTC  

No Sargon was implying it was sexual

2018-11-26 14:30:34 UTC  

Because we are the little sweetie squad

2018-11-26 14:31:41 UTC  

>getting butthurt and overly sensitive because you're an admitted dickrider
Nice one

2018-11-26 14:33:27 UTC  

A quote from the thinkery “Jim is about 31 interrogating a 17 year old about his 14 year old boyfriend”

2018-11-26 14:33:49 UTC  

The 17 year old was a 19 year old jim was pedo busting as per usual

2018-11-26 14:34:22 UTC  

Soygon is worthless garbage

2018-11-26 14:34:46 UTC  

And id never ride jimbos dick we are faggots

2018-11-26 14:38:33 UTC  

So is it the physical age that counts solely? Or are we going to see JF exposed soon?
Cuz it's about consistency right? And not just being a patreon cockgobbler after saying you wouldnt stoop to that

2018-11-26 14:43:24 UTC  

If evidence comes out against one of the most prolific internet detectives ill pick up a pitchfork too

2018-11-26 14:43:54 UTC  

thats not what I asked

2018-11-26 14:45:15 UTC  

Given that Jim is big on guilt by association, why does he not absolutely destroy JF and Ralph, given that both are guilty of the shit he claims to hate? Why does he choose to associate with them?

2018-11-26 14:45:46 UTC  

He is in no way a fan of guilt by association

2018-11-26 14:46:04 UTC  

He is a fan of guilt by being guilty

2018-11-26 14:46:18 UTC  

Like sargon being in krauts discord

2018-11-26 14:46:34 UTC  

And having knowledge of the gay doxing server

2018-11-26 14:47:34 UTC  

he was blaming Vee for shit "his buddies" were doing. In his little fit on Vee's stream he absolutely did fall back on guilt by association, and when it was pointed out that this didnt work given his friends, he made that comment on rolling in the shit to take other people down

2018-11-26 14:47:58 UTC  


2018-11-26 14:48:44 UTC somewhere in this fucking stream

2018-11-26 14:52:32 UTC  
2018-11-26 14:57:20 UTC  

4 minutes into this one is where soygon implies jim is a pedo for pedo hunting

2018-11-26 14:57:38 UTC  

Im not watching a whole stream

2018-11-26 14:57:51 UTC  

I got the timestamp you do the same

2018-11-26 14:58:16 UTC  

Jim's on that stream for like 10 minutes and I've got other shit to do anyway

2018-11-26 14:59:47 UTC  

You sleepy sargon?

2018-11-26 15:03:14 UTC  

>everyone who disagrees with me is Sargon
What are you, a twitter thot?

2018-11-26 15:04:41 UTC  

No its called funny

2018-11-26 15:04:46 UTC  

Also as far as I'm aware the argument was not that Jim only had young viewers, just that he had goaded his young viewers into doing his dirty work. I don't really care either way, because Sargon is full of shit a good chunk of the time anyway, but going for analytics to disprove that is some potato shit

2018-11-26 15:05:17 UTC  

Cuz sargon always gets sleepy when he is losing and now someone defending him also cant be bothered to make a cohesive argument

2018-11-26 15:05:41 UTC  

It's 10 minutes of a stream m8

2018-11-26 15:05:47 UTC  

Yeah facts are some potato shit