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this is like blocking yourself, cant even read what you wrote 😃

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I've never been in a server where you can't see post history lol

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it's quite strange to be honest

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the motherfucking gorilla channel

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holy shit

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there is one now?

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we needed a gorilla channel

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its only for posting pics and vids of gorillas fighting

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is it on purpose that the message history cannot be seen?

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oh now I see - sorry half asleep

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i still have to get everything set up in here

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So I have a 'news' item related question, mostly for the Americans in the audience - Why, for the love of God (or whomever), does Tump have to hurl himself onto every 'grenade' that the MSM roll in his direction? (Ref: 'I'm a stable genius' comment). To keep the grenade idea going, he might as well be holding the box, passing them out to the journalists and pulling the pins out himself........

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people dont understand that business and government are different

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you always end up with business people thinking they can be effective leaders in government

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in a company you can fire whoeever

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ion government you need a committee and it takes forever

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yeah , but you would have though that his style would have settled down a little (a year into the job). I mean about this book? It sounds like the usual half true half fake political side swiping that goes on with any and every political leader. Why dignify it with a responce that gets (for myself anyway) 3 'news' alerts sent out (BBC, CNN & Sky - cause I'mm in the UK) and starts to make him 'sound like a crazy person' - IMHO

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hes isolated it seems

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in germany half the news is about trump as well. everything seems to be scrutinized in far too much detail. his media-stunts dont help 😃

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anything good he does do seems to get covered up by these twitter spats - which is why currently I have no idea (from outside the US) what he has done domesticaly, with the exceptions of 'the wall' and the tax plan

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and the wall is not done

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i am reading this Fire and Fury book now. Not really sure why. its as bad and lopsided as expected 😃 a few interesting tidbits about kuschner though

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Most of the news in Norway as well orbits around Trump's tweets, we have had a break from Trump a few days now with some internal political "scandal"?..

There is currently an uproar in the Norwegian media about sexual harassment/harassment claims in politics, most heavily in the labour party. And seems to be bleeding somewhat over into the other major parties
The labour party now has the lowest approval rating ever.

Google translated:

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Is your Labour party as bad as ours (UK)?

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Trump did something for spaceexploration by redirecting funds

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But I have no idea how it's going. What has been implemented etc.

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Not as communist/socialists as Corbyn's Labour party no, but they are slowly getting there. Hence to the low approval rating..