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try me

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> 2017
> unironically calling people statists

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@Kike of Kaifeng Do you agree with the NationState model?

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Please don't tell me you're a globalist.

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Do you believe that hitler did nothing wrong?

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nation-states at their current sizes are not gonna work against Zioamerican domination

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Hitler did indeed do (almost) nothing wrong, broadly

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China isn’t a nation-state in the Western sense

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it’s an empire-nation-state

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@Kike of Kaifeng what server or what did you do to get here

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came from A-R

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You bring up a good point. America's masters are using it to conquer the rest of the globe through soft economic and cultural imperialism, and I'm honestly starting to resent my country for it.

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but I’m obvs not huwhyte, except ironically

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don’t resent the American people

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resent the gummint

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White is unironically the best race

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I mean, Americans are retarded sometimes, but you still have to love the people

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but yeah, Whites are pretty cool

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@Kike of Kaifeng says a person surrounded by a majority of minorities

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music, architecture, epic poetry, you have chinks beat

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no what?

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it’s weird, though, I have 8 Chinese great-grandparents, but Chinamen mistake me for half-White all the time

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pretty proud to be Chinese, though, not gonna cuck

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and Chinese American women who learn Korean because of their bfs but suck at Chinese (or can’t speak it at all) are race traitors

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When liberals say race is a social construct, they're technically correct. There is a significant amount of biodiversity among different human populations divided among ethnic lines. The concept of race unfortunately tries to pigeonhole certain ones together based off one trait, skin color. Race is arbitrary. It is a social construct. But ethnicity is eminently scientific. Most idiots, however, can't even comprehend he difference.

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ethnically, I’m Cantonese

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genetically, I’m a lot more Nordsinid than a lot of Cantos