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2017-04-23 04:21:30 UTC  

that is the 23rd

2017-04-23 04:21:51 UTC  

Do you DM us or what?

2017-04-23 04:22:09 UTC  

I will announce it here. The vetting happens on voice

2017-04-23 04:22:20 UTC  

Im going to sleep now, see you goyim

2017-04-23 04:22:32 UTC  

Goodnight man.

2017-04-23 04:22:36 UTC  

I'll be working at that time

2017-04-23 04:22:55 UTC  

Sleep tight, don't let the bug people bite

2017-04-23 04:22:59 UTC  

@veritable_nature - CA you can get vetted at any time or day after 1 pm tomorrow

2017-04-23 04:23:02 UTC  


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2017-04-23 04:23:53 UTC  

So, what transpired? Who, Redguard are you speaking of. Would you rather speak in IM's?

2017-04-23 04:25:52 UTC  


2017-04-23 04:26:33 UTC  

No, was just curious what he was referencing. Apparently something happened, yet it's not being discussed. It's no big deal. I'll just come back later and see what's going on.

2017-04-23 04:28:07 UTC  

Was talking to someone who was at the 'science March today'... Trolled them after they said science is anti-Trump

2017-04-23 04:28:34 UTC  

Took them down Socratic path to racial realism, it was pretty funny

2017-04-23 04:29:41 UTC  

Internal matters. I'm afraid I'm not allowed to disclose that information to non-vetted members.

2017-04-23 04:30:02 UTC  

People love science until you start to mention historical facts, percentages, statistics..

2017-04-23 04:30:10 UTC  

That's Fine.

2017-04-23 04:30:11 UTC  

Worry not, it's likely dealt with.

2017-04-23 04:30:19 UTC  

I'm not worried my dude.

2017-04-23 04:31:22 UTC  

And yeah, good choice, that is why I offered to IM you. I have an idea already what went on, so no matter anyways. I came in too late today, missed the fun apparently.

2017-04-23 05:09:54 UTC  

Can i get an invite please? For a friend?

2017-04-23 05:29:01 UTC  

I have Stalingrad: Kessel und Gefangenschaft by Zwank and Der Zweite Weltkrieg by Zentner for teaching materials

2017-04-23 05:29:19 UTC  

We could set up a voice chat room

2017-04-23 05:30:00 UTC  

I recommend anyone interested get a copy of Carrel's 'Die Wuesten Fuechse' in English and one in German

2017-04-23 05:30:18 UTC  

I can help with pronounciation and grammer

2017-04-23 05:30:50 UTC  

Should probably get vetted first

2017-04-23 05:31:24 UTC  

I would be willing to teach anyone from groups that support the 14 words

2017-04-23 08:14:46 UTC  

hey guys just wanted to say keep up the good work

2017-04-23 08:14:50 UTC  

loving the youtube channel

2017-04-23 08:17:43 UTC  

Hey btw why didn't you guys brand yourselves as anticommi

2017-04-23 08:17:47 UTC  

kind of rhymes

2017-04-23 08:19:24 UTC  

so how do i get "vetted" @James_Coney - LA

2017-04-23 08:23:02 UTC  

i can contribute from a software point of view

2017-04-23 08:23:10 UTC  

can write bots to distribute propaganda

2017-04-23 08:23:30 UTC  

among other things

2017-04-23 08:23:49 UTC  

i've subverted two leftists discords in the past

2017-04-23 08:38:59 UTC  

so let me know if i can be of help

2017-04-23 11:28:39 UTC  

Good morning.

2017-04-23 13:23:43 UTC  

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