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2017-07-10 23:41:53 UTC  

@An Craoibhín Aoibhinn
The point is that Ancient Romans viewed homosexuality as an indulgence, and didn't use it as justification to break down traditional family structure. That's what separates it from modern homosexuality. All those Roman patricians with boy lovers still had wives and children.

2017-07-10 23:42:37 UTC  

It's still shit

2017-07-10 23:43:08 UTC  

The Romans were based faggots

2017-07-10 23:43:14 UTC  

In MAGA hats

2017-07-10 23:50:08 UTC

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2017-07-11 00:50:16 UTC  

Should homosexuality be illegal? Yes=mike pence. No=libertarian memeball. Some acts=deus vult.

2017-07-11 00:55:12 UTC  

I personally don't agree with it, it causes anal cancer for one thing and I don't want that shit done to me, but I really don't give a shit once I don't have to see it publicly

2017-07-11 00:55:45 UTC  

If you're so sensitive that you have to make illegal every single thing you dislike you have issues

2017-07-11 01:01:22 UTC  

Thats fair. I think the total bullshit and public nudity at pride parades should be off limits. But yeah as long as you're not taking the piss you do you in my opinion.....

2017-07-11 01:02:16 UTC  

AFK goodnight everyone...

2017-07-11 01:17:51 UTC  

Then let them die

2017-07-11 01:18:00 UTC  

I don't want gibs regardless of sexuality

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2017-07-11 01:23:05 UTC  

This the anticom on pol or did I get fucked over??

2017-07-11 01:23:31 UTC  

We are the actual Anticom

2017-07-11 01:26:04 UTC  

this is it

2017-07-11 01:26:18 UTC  

did someone post an invite link on pol?

2017-07-11 01:28:10 UTC  

Nah someone was talking about it and I asked if they could hmu with the link

2017-07-11 01:28:33 UTC  

They questioned me for like 15 minutes in PM before they gave in

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2017-07-11 01:28:48 UTC  

top kek my nigga

2017-07-11 01:29:10 UTC  

Whats your position on the JQ?

2017-07-11 01:29:26 UTC  

Well goyim

2017-07-11 01:29:46 UTC  

Y'a gotta remember the s i x g o r i l l i a n

2017-07-11 01:29:58 UTC  

So how this shit go down

2017-07-11 01:30:13 UTC  

Like do we get an interview or some shit

2017-07-11 01:30:27 UTC  

Yes you get an interview

2017-07-11 01:30:30 UTC  

Do you guys ever feel like your entire purpose in life was to crusade but that may never happen?

2017-07-11 01:30:43 UTC  

Contact one of the interrogators

2017-07-11 01:30:49 UTC  

thats part of being a modern man

2017-07-11 01:31:11 UTC  

We need to vet this guy

2017-07-11 01:31:13 UTC

2017-07-11 01:31:16 UTC  

<@&278459485687644161> hey mates CAN i get me an interview

2017-07-11 01:31:23 UTC  

^there ya go

2017-07-11 01:32:06 UTC  

@DeusVolt go vet Guerrilla

2017-07-11 01:32:15 UTC  

Idk I feel oppressed and personally attacked for not getting my chance to rape and pillage like my forefathers

2017-07-11 01:32:26 UTC  

I was already in this chat but my account got kicked

2017-07-11 01:32:33 UTC  

Where are my gibs?

2017-07-11 01:33:12 UTC