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i thought the wood file in the previous picture was bad, but bicycle wheel takes the cake

2018-07-03 09:45:16 UTC  

Not by force, obviously..

2018-07-03 09:45:45 UTC  

centrifugal force

2018-07-03 09:45:52 UTC  

Is that green thing a jerry can?

2018-07-03 09:46:12 UTC  

See, THIS is the sort of shit I'm talking about!

2018-07-03 09:46:12 UTC  

You can cut the plastic into a knife shape.

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Jeeze, a bike wheel

2018-07-03 09:46:33 UTC  

those spokes can be sharpened.

2018-07-03 09:46:41 UTC  

That's, what, like 26 knives?

2018-07-03 09:46:53 UTC  

They basically stopped a crime spree...

2018-07-03 09:47:18 UTC  

Each one of those spokes is long enough to skewer two victims at once.

2018-07-03 09:47:25 UTC  

That's 52 lives saved!

2018-07-03 09:47:29 UTC  

What a monster!

2018-07-03 09:50:25 UTC  

A British man was arrested Saturday after he was found walking the streets of Dunfermline, Scotland, with a potato peeler.

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@LOLTRON did u know u cant buy eggs and spoons in uk in some places unless u can prove your not under age

2018-07-03 09:52:50 UTC  

jfc. I thought blades under 3 inches were okay under the current laws though? potato peelers aren't that long. i think he should a-peel

2018-07-03 09:53:25 UTC  

egg thing was apperently a one time thing foe halloween tho google the spoon thing and be amazed

2018-07-03 09:53:27 UTC  

Britain's knife laws are basically youtube community guidelines.

2018-07-03 09:53:45 UTC  

This is what I've learned today.

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I've got to go to bed.

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^ great analogy. egg and spoon thing is just ridiculous, speechless

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@Arhiwolf Wow. Just when you think the tard cannot get more tard...

2018-07-03 10:05:04 UTC That's a paddlin'...

2018-07-03 11:21:12 UTC  

i find it funny that the first article i saw people talking about since i went to sleep was about the EU so its like "good thing for the brexit" and then the rest of the night was showing all the shit that the uk government is doing incompatently

2018-07-03 11:28:22 UTC  

That's not really a reason against Brexit. That's a reason against regressive politicians.

2018-07-03 11:29:50 UTC  

At least with Brexit, there's just one government screwing things up. Without Brexit, the EU and Germany can bring their incompetence to bear as well.

2018-07-03 11:30:03 UTC  

So by extension, Brexit means UK is reducing incompetence by 2/3.

2018-07-03 11:36:59 UTC  

yeah i just realized the EU is also asking the uk to adopt biometric

2018-07-03 11:39:29 UTC  

They likely will. Most western countries are...

2018-07-03 11:46:17 UTC  

does the united states have biometric? wouldent be surprised that was added to us without anyone ever telling us

2018-07-03 11:46:38 UTC  

also only 10 countrys in the eu had biometric in may

2018-07-03 11:46:49 UTC  

and half of them were eastern european

2018-07-03 11:48:17 UTC  

If you've ever had a DNA test, for any reason, it's almost certain they have your biometrics.

2018-07-03 11:48:48 UTC  

poland, austria, slovenia, lithuania, latvia

2018-07-03 11:56:40 UTC  

though i wonder if perhaps the problem with biometrics isint that it is used but rather how many things idenification is required for. identification has always been a thing throughout history, if you go somewhere the authority of anywhere you go wants to know who you are specificly so you wont cause any trouble, the evolution of identification has basicly been making sure that your who you say you are or so that no one is saying they are you besides you. in reality you have no reason to say you arnt who you are other than when your actively working against the authority in some reguard. however if you have an omnipressent requirement to display identification before making any action it becomes tracking and monitoring. if today your location is known because your identity is used 5 times then tomarrow its known because you had to use it 50 times, your life is tracked substantially more. the security of this identification has nothing to do with how often its demanded though.