Message from LOLTRON in Subverse #newsroom

2018-07-03 12:40:05 UTC  

They want it everywhere.

2018-07-03 12:41:52 UTC  

see thats the thing "they want it everywhere" is the tracking part

2018-07-03 12:41:53 UTC  

It's not enough to say that "I haven't done anything wrong, so i have nothign to fear...", knowing you are under constant surveillance can heavily influence behaviour of people who haven't done anything wrong.

2018-07-03 12:42:44 UTC  

if facial recognition was only used during the same instances where normal identification is also used then it would be no more effective at tracking people than normal identification

2018-07-03 12:43:25 UTC  

howeveri f you increase the demand for identification, essentaully putting more activitys behind a identification wall, it doesent matter what kind of id is used

2018-07-03 12:43:34 UTC  

All that's required to do facial recognition is a photo.

2018-07-03 12:44:07 UTC  

humans actually recognize faces better than machines do

2018-07-03 12:44:24 UTC  

I'm not sure that's true any more

2018-07-03 12:44:30 UTC  

i have evidence

2018-07-03 12:44:38 UTC  

Citation required

2018-07-03 12:44:41 UTC  

"I haven't done anything wrong, so i have nothing to fear..."

given the number of laws, its a pretty good chance you HAVE done something wrong.

2018-07-03 12:44:54 UTC  

hell, even most people technically speed all day

2018-07-03 12:44:54 UTC  

^ thats probably true

2018-07-03 12:45:14 UTC  

but that doesn't justify mass surveillance.

2018-07-03 12:46:07 UTC  

security vs convenience vs privacy is a battle that rages all the time and there is no right answer

2018-07-03 12:49:35 UTC  

The company my mate works for, the system they deploy has >98% accuracy.

2018-07-03 12:49:49 UTC  

with 1 photo as a source

2018-07-03 12:50:14 UTC  

Granted, people have been matching faces for thousands of years, and are hard wired to do it...

2018-07-03 12:50:22 UTC  

A significant portion of the brain is dedicated to it

2018-07-03 12:50:37 UTC  

That doesn't make the risks of biometric tracking any less concerning

2018-07-03 12:52:11 UTC  

how do you prevent identity theft while not allowing the government or even companies from being able to track you?

2018-07-03 12:52:42 UTC  

Why would the government keeping your data discourage identity theft?

2018-07-03 12:53:23 UTC  

what keeps them from demanding a company to hand it over?

2018-07-03 12:53:39 UTC  

The government demanding?

2018-07-03 12:56:10 UTC  

The more points of data to confirm your identity, the harder it is to fake. The more interconnected that data is from all entry and exits points, the harder it is to spoof.

2018-07-03 12:56:48 UTC  

if a company can have access to the needed information, why wouldn't the government?

2018-07-03 12:57:05 UTC  

When a govvernment entity verifys you... What do they ask for?

2018-07-03 12:57:11 UTC  

Your name, Your Address, Your birthday

2018-07-03 12:57:18 UTC  

Once they have that info... they have ALL of your metadata

2018-07-03 12:57:30 UTC  

Those elements are trivial to find

2018-07-03 12:58:53 UTC  

yes, all my metadata, including anything someone not me did using my name.

2018-07-03 12:59:58 UTC  

but this is my point, security vs convenience vs privacy

2018-07-03 13:00:05 UTC  

all of those points are at odds with one another

2018-07-03 13:00:15 UTC  

everyone wants all of them

2018-07-03 13:00:23 UTC  

There is a balance to be struck, for sure..

2018-07-03 13:00:39 UTC  

But i don't think giving the government access to ALL metadata is a balance.

2018-07-03 13:00:42 UTC  

that balance changes from person to person, from day to day

2018-07-03 13:00:57 UTC  

The balance isn't reasonable. Not any more

2018-07-03 13:01:19 UTC  

Mostly because the vast majority of people don't understand just how much data is being collected on them

2018-07-03 13:01:29 UTC  

If they actually understood the scope of the machine at work, they would be horrified.