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2018-09-24 05:37:34 UTC  

Arrested at a Taiwanese hotel and extradited to Houston this week

2018-09-24 05:41:52 UTC  

If he wasn't controversial no one would have cared

2018-09-24 05:44:15 UTC  

If you're a nobody MAYBE you'd get arrested coming back from Taiwan but they won't do that much effort over some JB

2018-09-24 05:59:52 UTC  

I've heard some of the details. It is rather sketchy. Supposedly he was hooked up on a dating website which was supposed to be only for adults. Of course, 16 is age of consent in Taiwan.

I think this just goes to show the Pence rule at all times. We're approaching a world where the men are going to be the ones careful about dating or sex. For their own protection.

Remember in the 50s when it was the women who'd play hard to get?

2018-09-24 06:00:07 UTC  

But if they start a witch hunt, even that might not be enough.

2018-09-24 06:00:44 UTC  

16 is also the age of consent for much of the US.

2018-09-24 06:01:08 UTC  

That makes it worse, then.

2018-09-24 06:03:27 UTC  

I must ask why he was on a dating site basically for sex. But that seems aside the point somehow.

2018-09-24 06:05:57 UTC  

So I just looked it up and the first source I found says that he was arrested for paying a 16 year old in Austin TX some time back, and was then arrested for it while in Taiwan. The age of consent in TX is 17.

2018-09-24 06:06:13 UTC  

That would make more sense.

2018-09-24 06:06:24 UTC  

I think the lesson here is not to do prostitution.

2018-09-24 06:06:46 UTC  

Still, it all seems rather suspect when you look into it a bit.

2018-09-24 06:06:53 UTC  

Would be hard to defend, however.

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`But entry will now be based on a lottery — and half the seats will be reserved for low-income, homeless and English-language-learning applicants.`
Just how many homeless middle schoolers do you think are going to a performing arts school?

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2018-09-24 12:11:13 UTC  

A football team invested in esports and the fan stopped a match by throwing controllers on the pitch in protest.

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2018-09-24 12:11:52 UTC  

an expensive protest

2018-09-24 12:59:23 UTC  

Throwing shit onto the field is stupid way to protest. If they are not happy about their team investing into esport they should just stop buying tickets to the games for a month or two.

2018-09-24 13:00:08 UTC  

But now club can make some money by selling second-hand controllers

2018-09-24 13:05:54 UTC  

On the performing arts school; the most qualified kids for performing arts come from trained backgrounds, usually they've done stuff privately at some point. My friends who got into the equivalent of a performing arts middle school were respectively an internationally-recognised traditional Irish dancer, an actress who had been in multiple main roles for theatre productions and TV background roles, and a guitarist who'd been having private lessons since he was about 5

2018-09-24 13:07:09 UTC  

In my university grade, out of the students I've met so far, I'm one of about 10% who don't have professional training, and that's because we learned through experience- I've performed live shows for six years and I've been in two musicals, for example

2018-09-24 13:07:28 UTC  

This is because the performing arts are fucking *hard* to make a career out of, you NEED quality

2018-09-24 13:07:35 UTC  

So logically a meritocratic approach makes sense

2018-09-24 13:08:25 UTC  

My university's entrance exam is ridiculously hard, I had to do three separate auditions to prove myself and I'm not *amazing* but I'm certainly not amateur

2018-09-24 13:09:33 UTC  

That's not because of elitism, it's because of the nature of the industry and the fact that performing arts are easy to do casually but highly technical to master- anyone can go to a karaoke bar, but then stick em in front of a few hundred people and tell them to give a performance worth twenty quid entry, and they probably can't

2018-09-24 13:11:33 UTC  

So seeing the audition process eliminated for the New Voices School is pretty fucking jarring; essentially you're going to be taking a bunch of vulnerable and young kids away from solid mainstream education, that will guarantee them core skills everyone requires for a backup job... and instead thrusting them into a very hit-and-miss, specialised, cutthroat industry

2018-09-24 13:11:53 UTC  

Without checking they're specialised, without checking they can keep up with the content

2018-09-24 13:12:22 UTC  

Do you know how many kids aren't serious about that stuff as a passion, but try it, and give up? Tons. I'm a vocalist, and I had about three guitar lessons before I realised I couldn't do it

2018-09-24 13:13:23 UTC  

Not even three, probably. Now, if I'd've joined a performing arts school for a guitar course? I'd've completely fucked myself. I don't know where I'd be now. Probably a very low-paid and sloggish job, hating life

2018-09-24 13:14:04 UTC  

So yeah, it's very absurd to me. It's horribly irresponsible

2018-09-24 13:15:11 UTC  

"Entry will be based on a lottery". Ridiculous. Imagine turning down the next Elvis because he was holding the wrong ticket, and choosing the next Blood On The Dance Floor instead

2018-09-24 13:49:50 UTC  

>author recieved death threats for describing bull terriers as "scary"
Yeah because its a pitbull. My mom would be one of those people that would give him death threats too. I mean how is this thing scary?

2018-09-24 13:54:53 UTC  

dogs are mostly only as cruel or dangerous as their owns have taught them to be

2018-09-24 14:01:47 UTC  

Nonsense. Dogs have been bred for certain character traits. They are dumb animals and can flip and do. If you have bred a dog to be a weapon you aren't going to bred the pussies.

2018-09-24 14:13:46 UTC  

You have clearly never met a pitbull not trained by a douche

2018-09-24 14:13:57 UTC  

You don't breed a weapon that you cannot control

2018-09-24 14:22:26 UTC  

I've not met a pitbull, they are illegal in the UK. MY brother had a Staffordshire bull terrier and it was a lovely dog but I would never leave it alone in a room with a small child.