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2018-09-24 20:38:45 UTC  

since most of their slush money comes from some really disgusting practices when it comes to campaign donations.

2018-09-24 20:40:28 UTC  

yeah, but term limits would just mean the grooming starts lower

2018-09-24 20:40:50 UTC  

but you can still be a career politician if you start as a major and move up

2018-09-24 20:42:24 UTC  

Yes, but most of the money the parties use come from political races that are incumbents, once you start making them actually have to spend money on every race? They will both run out really quickly.

2018-09-24 20:44:21 UTC  

regardless we are in agreement that its a good first step

2018-09-24 20:47:32 UTC  

Yes, we can agree on that.

2018-09-24 20:47:53 UTC  

with 80% of the country (how do we not have this yet?)

2018-09-24 20:51:47 UTC  

because the people who would vote that in are career politicians?

2018-09-24 21:03:03 UTC  

So sexual assault of a minor wasn't enough, rape wasn't enough, gang rape wasn't enough, gotta go straight to *genocide*.

2018-09-24 21:03:11 UTC  

@Grenade123 Constitutional Convention yo

2018-09-24 21:03:23 UTC  

Hold on

2018-09-24 21:03:41 UTC  

How is THAT not outside intervention in our election process?

2018-09-24 21:03:45 UTC  

Brett Kavanaugh ethnically cleansed me once. (I got better)

2018-09-24 21:03:53 UTC  


2018-09-24 21:04:01 UTC  

calling for us to Halt our processes

2018-09-24 21:04:36 UTC  

I'm really, really interested as to what the democrats are planning. They're willing to burn so many resources to keep this guy off the bench that it has to be HUGE.

2018-09-24 21:04:38 UTC  

I think the implication was that he was involved in torture, not genocide

2018-09-24 21:04:58 UTC  

(I was being facetious)

2018-09-24 21:05:52 UTC  

Sure, I just wanted to make sure we were on the correct ridiculous accusation page

2018-09-24 21:05:55 UTC  

Atkins - That is why if I were President Trump, I would have went with my second pick for this one let them freak out and then after they push all their political capital I would put up my real pick.

2018-09-24 21:06:52 UTC  

Nope. Never give in to this bullshit.

2018-09-24 21:07:01 UTC  

Oh no, not give in

2018-09-24 21:07:01 UTC  

Never set the precedent that a man is guilty until proven innocent.

2018-09-24 21:07:23 UTC  

Have some one I don't mind if I win with..but don't mind if he goes down in flames

2018-09-24 21:07:24 UTC  

I wouldnt advocate this 4d chess nonsense. Just push through

2018-09-24 21:07:31 UTC  


2018-09-24 21:17:18 UTC  

We should halt any future funding to Amnesty International unless and until any information relevant to their possible involvement in human rights violations.

2018-09-24 21:23:56 UTC  

how about

2018-09-24 21:24:01 UTC  

we just stop at

2018-09-24 21:24:09 UTC  

"We should halt any future funding to Amnesty International"

2018-09-24 21:24:24 UTC  

if they do a good job they can get money through donations, if not..then to bad?

2018-09-24 21:39:00 UTC  

I thought the idea of threatening a second nomination was crazy, but now I think about it, it's the kind of hardball the Dems would try. Maybe it could work. Amy seems like a good threat. She actually would repeal Roe.

2018-09-24 21:50:58 UTC  

I mean, if it were me..I would have my next nominee lined up and as soon as the vote is finished throw it out there.

2018-09-24 21:51:37 UTC  

and as that crap show is going, start working on my third, and keep doing it till Sparticus has a Heart Attackicus

2018-09-24 21:56:17 UTC  

I wouldn't just throw it out. But I would issue a credible threat.

2018-09-24 21:57:26 UTC  

Oh I would, and after the third or fourth..I would like Pick Ted Cruz, just to make their head explode.

2018-09-24 22:07:49 UTC  

So a sexy halloween costume company had a sexy Handmaid's Tale costume that people got offended about, and they took it down and apologized. Now they're under fire for having sexy native American costumes.

2018-09-24 22:08:42 UTC  

It's pretty ironic that people in favor of the message of Handmaid's Tale would attack them for not showing enough modesty in their dress.

2018-09-24 22:12:39 UTC  

the costume debate begins again lol

2018-09-24 22:13:05 UTC  

Clearly they feel allowing women to dress a certain way is sexist :^)