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2019-01-23 22:09:55 UTC  

they're prolly trump fans

2019-01-23 22:18:42 UTC  

Pelosi can fuck off

2019-01-23 22:19:02 UTC  


2019-01-23 22:19:17 UTC  

I hope this goes to the SCOTUS

2019-01-23 22:19:29 UTC  

So they can interprit the rules for state of the unions

2019-01-23 22:19:42 UTC  

I was nice enough and posted a logical tweet on one of her posts

2019-01-23 22:20:58 UTC  

Cancel centeral and south american aid to build wall?

2019-01-23 23:42:58 UTC  

We could always take the wall funding from the massive military budget.

2019-01-23 23:52:49 UTC  

How about from forign aid to south america?

2019-01-23 23:53:24 UTC  

Or the middle east

2019-01-23 23:53:45 UTC  

@Baron von Drachen also the RNC probably wouldn't agree

2019-01-23 23:54:11 UTC  

Remember that the republicans are not that thrilled with trump either

2019-01-23 23:54:17 UTC  


2019-01-23 23:54:23 UTC  

That's part of the reason the wall wasn't funded before

2019-01-23 23:59:52 UTC  

the war for the Swedish Caliphate begins it seems

2019-01-24 00:11:46 UTC  

The war has been underway since 2012

2019-01-24 00:11:51 UTC  

this is just escalation

2019-01-24 00:12:39 UTC  

I dont see this report anywhere else except gateway pundit. Is there some sort of media blackout? I cant imagine no one reporting on bombings in european cities

2019-01-24 00:16:08 UTC  

All focused on trump or maga kids

2019-01-24 01:20:49 UTC  

Buzzfeed lays off 50% of their people??

2019-01-24 01:21:07 UTC  

Buzzfeed collapse pls

2019-01-24 01:21:22 UTC  


2019-01-24 01:26:34 UTC  

Geeting called out by SARAH PALIN of all people! He should feel horrible for that in and by it's self.

2019-01-24 01:31:09 UTC  

Idiot should have waited on MORE INFORMATION and not tagging along with the rest of the hate mob

2019-01-24 01:31:24 UTC  

Mr. Morrissey said he deleted the tweet as soon as he started to notice the backlash

2019-01-24 01:31:31 UTC  

Fuck him

2019-01-24 01:31:45 UTC  

He did it because he got backlash, not because he was wrong.

2019-01-24 01:34:34 UTC  

I love how most of these dickhead liberals are retracting once they were found out to be WRONG in this matter

2019-01-24 01:36:09 UTC  

Would it be bad to ask Disney to have them apologies for spreading hatred and fake news with intent to harm children?

2019-01-24 01:36:40 UTC  

Just outright fire him

2019-01-24 01:38:14 UTC  

No, that is the CRTL-left's tactic. This is high road, "we want them to applogize so we can forgive them," to show others that we can forgive and Hate Mobs are not the way

2019-01-24 01:41:07 UTC  

>Citing unnamed sources

2019-01-24 01:42:40 UTC  

Can we get confirmations? and not new hate mobs?

2019-01-24 01:43:43 UTC  

The article might be more up to date than the WaPo one as it says "Updated"

2019-01-24 01:51:46 UTC  

What a fucking scumbag