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2019-11-27 00:55:00 UTC  

For the record I am not full natsoc. In my studies I've long since decided that the caste system will preserve as much intent of the founders as possible

2019-11-27 00:55:15 UTC  

But they share qualities

2019-11-27 00:55:21 UTC  

Lower taxes than we have today. More days off from work. Less overseas wars.

2019-11-27 00:55:53 UTC  

Especially regulation where it is needed without slavish dedication to preserving the subversive desires of the plebians

2019-11-27 00:56:05 UTC  

Imagine if you could only be drafted for 40 days a year and could not be sent overseas. 2/3 of US WW2 troops were conscripts. 1/3 in Vietnam.

2019-11-27 00:56:19 UTC  

Imagine a 33% tax.

2019-11-27 00:57:29 UTC  

Compare to now. 6.2% social security, 1.45% Medicare, 12% federal income tax, 7% sales tax if you're lucky

2019-11-27 00:57:50 UTC  

Trickle down taxes on other things like gas

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2019-11-27 00:58:00 UTC  

Property tax

2019-11-27 00:58:10 UTC  

Car registration tax

2019-11-27 00:58:28 UTC  

Whatever your state income tax is

2019-11-27 00:58:28 UTC  

Runaway taxing

2019-11-27 00:58:35 UTC  

Putting the system before the people

2019-11-27 00:58:40 UTC  

There's a tax on everything, tax on tax

2019-11-27 00:58:58 UTC  

Lodging tax, Telecom tax, E911 tax

2019-11-27 00:59:14 UTC  

Shouldn't surprise you to hear that a system that puts the people first could sound so desirable to the kids

2019-11-27 00:59:23 UTC  

More than a third of our income goes to tax. And another third to rent.

2019-11-27 00:59:54 UTC  

What if your tax was paid to the landlord, and it was his duty to provide you enough land to feed your family, military and law enforcement protection, etc?

2019-11-27 01:00:00 UTC  

Also I apologize, am texting between doing things at the VA

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This girl is pretty attractive, but there's this...

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Hopefully she swipes right and I can talk her into not being retarded

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This bitch just matched with me on bumble and said shed only consider messaging me if I sent her money on cash app 😂

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How much did you send her?

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I mentioned yesterday that I wipe my ass with good vibes/niceness. This just showed up in my feed and explains why I despise unqualified "niceness"

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is it true you're a nazi? @TheKekscernist

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what are you, then? @TheKekscernist

2019-11-27 16:24:16 UTC  

Why do I need a label

2019-11-27 16:33:21 UTC  

a natsoc?

2019-11-27 17:08:46 UTC  

I take ideas from multiple systems to define my beliefs. Natsoc has some ideas that are important for preserving culture

2019-11-27 17:09:03 UTC  

I am much more a believer in a caste system

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Old meme

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@wwezombiegod yes they are always like this 😄