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2016-12-29 10:06:01 UTC  

a global communism that is

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2016-12-29 10:06:57 UTC  

With the US they have to chip away at us. They have to take us down bit by bit

2016-12-29 10:07:17 UTC

these guys talk about "climate change" once inawhile

2016-12-29 10:07:30 UTC  

skip through their content and listen to their arguments

2016-12-29 10:07:45 UTC  

the former is more

2016-12-29 10:07:49 UTC  

comedy based

2016-12-29 10:08:00 UTC  

since the host is a bit of a nut and an asshole with lots of trolls

2016-12-29 10:08:04 UTC  

the latter is more serious

2016-12-29 10:08:15 UTC  

but they both talk serious shit when it's needed

2016-12-29 10:09:23 UTC  

It is kind of sad how brainwashed the left is. Some did wake up but unfortunately others are a lost cause

2016-12-29 10:09:39 UTC  

brainwashing is on both sides

2016-12-29 10:09:55 UTC  

its just who is more dangerous and who must we attack

2016-12-29 10:09:59 UTC  

it is but its more noticable on the left

2016-12-29 10:10:19 UTC  

far more noticable

2016-12-29 10:10:43 UTC  

wait till we rise up and we have the drones

2016-12-29 10:10:48 UTC  

its a pendulum

2016-12-29 10:11:01 UTC  

ill support whoever best respects individual rights and liberty

2016-12-29 10:11:30 UTC  

and muh freedoms

2016-12-29 10:11:31 UTC  

What's up my nignogs?

2016-12-29 10:11:33 UTC  

I think the difference is those on the right brainwashed are basically sleeping, the ones on the left think they are awake but they are in some sort of robotic cult like state

2016-12-29 10:11:59 UTC  

Morning uranobu

2016-12-29 10:12:55 UTC  

brainwashing is brainwashing

2016-12-29 10:12:58 UTC  

both sleeping

2016-12-29 10:13:05 UTC  

same shit different stink

2016-12-29 10:13:19 UTC  

but some are not acting that is what the difference is

2016-12-29 10:13:36 UTC  

I prefer those that just want to be left alone

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2016-12-29 10:14:55 UTC  

the only people that are brainwashed on the right is those that don't want to fire up the ovens

2016-12-29 10:16:02 UTC  

fire up the ovens for anyone with iqs lower than 95

2016-12-29 10:16:09 UTC  

goodbye africa

2016-12-29 10:16:48 UTC  

I think any sort of testing is bound to be ineffective

2016-12-29 10:16:58 UTC  

people will cheat, other people will help them cheat

2016-12-29 10:17:11 UTC  

much better rule of thumb is a color palette

2016-12-29 10:17:15 UTC  

why do you think i said goodbye africa

2016-12-29 10:17:19 UTC  

just cut to the chase

2016-12-29 10:17:44 UTC  

the few africans that are left will be resentful anyway

2016-12-29 10:17:55 UTC  

and there wont be enough to make a healthy breeding population

2016-12-29 10:18:42 UTC  

any leftovers will be the very primitive and sparse tribals

2016-12-29 10:18:46 UTC  

deep in the interior