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2020-03-29 05:17:17 UTC  

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You are big brain

2020-03-29 05:17:31 UTC  

Very bic brainno

2020-03-29 05:17:32 UTC  

orange man bad

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I can't believed trump started corona virus this is so sad

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Liberals say "Orange man bad". I say "Trump has exhibited he has little understanding of how the economy and pandemics work".

2020-03-29 05:18:08 UTC  

Oooga-booga my property

Substantive criticism is different from "orange man bad"

2020-03-29 05:18:17 UTC  

not like that matters

2020-03-29 05:18:21 UTC  

that's why he has advisors

2020-03-29 05:18:22 UTC  

guess its the time for firearms

2020-03-29 05:18:27 UTC  

defend your lands

2020-03-29 05:18:28 UTC  

> Give me defenition of capitalism

2020-03-29 05:18:40 UTC  

First of all

2020-03-29 05:18:57 UTC  

@Logos private ownership

2020-03-29 05:18:58 UTC  

If we are talking about capitalism lets set definitions

2020-03-29 05:19:00 UTC  

not like hillary clitoris doesnt have a deep understanding of 19th century political literature or kung fu aids

Historically, I don't think that I've seen as many advisors quit as I have under Trump as well. That's just a failing on his part.

2020-03-29 05:19:26 UTC  

Hillary is femoid

2020-03-29 05:19:36 UTC  

Fuck women

2020-03-29 05:19:42 UTC  

Thats all

2020-03-29 05:19:44 UTC  

I support trump because it makes people mad

2020-03-29 05:19:51 UTC  

@ArtAttack blessed

2020-03-29 05:19:54 UTC  

based alert

I support Bernie because it makes people mad.

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2020-03-29 05:20:26 UTC  

that's not as embarrassing as yang doe

2020-03-29 05:20:30 UTC  

the reddit candidate

Yang is a good guy but terrible politician.

2020-03-29 05:20:39 UTC  

The only problem with Hillary is that she is actually women (low iq )