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2018-07-14 22:05:50 UTC  

it sounds like glow in the dark footwear

2018-07-14 22:05:57 UTC  


2018-07-14 22:06:05 UTC  

just call em commies

2018-07-14 22:06:13 UTC  


2018-07-14 22:06:30 UTC  

or just socialists

Didn't Marx want a global revolution?

2018-07-14 22:06:43 UTC  

Workers of the world, unite! and all that?

2018-07-14 22:07:21 UTC  


2018-07-14 22:09:50 UTC  

splitting people into smaller categories is their turf,

We just swipe them under the same rug with commies, sjw's, socialists, snowflakes, alt-right etc

We'll just call them Gaywads

2018-07-14 22:10:14 UTC  


2018-07-14 22:10:28 UTC  

thats a new word again,

Just keep it to the classics 😉

2018-07-14 22:10:31 UTC  


2018-07-14 22:10:44 UTC  

or better "Wannabes"

2018-07-14 22:11:03 UTC  

Soygolem has been around for a bit, and it's fun to say

2018-07-14 22:13:09 UTC  

yeah but that only applies to the cucks they have, not the entire thing

2018-07-14 22:17:16 UTC  


2018-07-14 23:12:03 UTC  
2018-07-14 23:12:31 UTC  

Why haven't we banded together to take over that island yet?

2018-07-14 23:27:39 UTC  

i'd go

2018-07-14 23:27:58 UTC  

give some diving lessons to the mayor

2018-07-14 23:34:23 UTC  

I wonder why we have to even and the to be

2018-07-15 00:01:40 UTC  

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2018-07-15 00:45:52 UTC  

If you don't have thick enough skin to ignore insults etc and that stops you from getting into public service, then you shouldn't be there in the first place

2018-07-15 02:33:09 UTC  

I wonder if that baby sadiq balloon was a scam

2018-07-15 02:33:19 UTC  

It got like 50k

2018-07-15 02:33:29 UTC  

The one on the sex doll?

2018-07-15 02:33:46 UTC  

No, the one in response to the trump one

2018-07-15 02:34:06 UTC  

O wait there's a baby one?

2018-07-15 02:34:17 UTC  


2018-07-15 02:34:39 UTC  

I saw one with sadiq's face taped to a sex doll riding a pig lol.

2018-07-15 02:35:11 UTC  

It would be really ironic if the person holding it got arrested.

2018-07-15 02:36:12 UTC

2018-07-15 02:36:40 UTC  

I hope it's legit and that it's a massive balloon. Problem is they probably won't be allowed to fly it.

2018-07-15 02:37:03 UTC  

But they won't get the money until five days after it ends

2018-07-15 02:37:14 UTC  

So we'll have to wait a while

2018-07-15 02:44:35 UTC  

@CreativeRealms the guy making the balloon came on LBC. The thing's actually happening

2018-07-15 02:45:48 UTC  


2018-07-15 03:25:39 UTC  

Howdy howdy

2018-07-15 03:26:25 UTC  

It's me, your neighborhood verified jurno

2018-07-15 03:27:30 UTC  

Tell us all about the Nazi/Russian/Reptilian threat