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2018-09-04 22:49:36 UTC  

Because of the awakening of all these bad actors.

2018-09-04 22:49:43 UTC  

America was vaccinated for this shit. Canada wasn't.

2018-09-04 22:52:58 UTC  

What defines an American isn't their roots. It's simply different in most of Europe.

2018-09-04 22:53:16 UTC  

Vaccines don't always stop the virus, however. Don't get complacent.

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@Sjaleo I'm not quite sure I'm going to get it. I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill, but whatever.

2018-09-04 22:58:50 UTC  

I know that.

2018-09-04 22:59:04 UTC  

It's why I'm annoyed by people who would censor loli and such of their own accord.

2018-09-04 22:59:17 UTC  

The gestappo don't even have to be enlisted. Quite something, really.

2018-09-04 22:59:51 UTC  

If the coal miners BEGIN work without their canary, what's the sign they're about to die? An actual human death? That's pretty ghastly.

2018-09-04 23:28:51 UTC  

I don't understand why Tim doesn't mention how Abortion works in other Countrys. For example in Germany you have to talk to a 3rd party that must not be involved with the abortion first. Something like a Preagnancy Crysis Center. After you talked with this neutral (or rather Pro-Life) Person, you get a certificate that you were there - after that you have to wait another 3 days (72h) to think about that. And THEN you can get your abortion if you really want to.

2018-09-04 23:49:24 UTC  

I don't think Tim knows. The vast majority of people in the US think that Europe is a free-for-all on abortion and the US is "behind."

2018-09-04 23:49:54 UTC  

In ireland it's way too ironclad

2018-09-04 23:50:02 UTC  

It's only people who walk in Republican circles or are in human rights orgs that would know otherwise.

2018-09-04 23:50:09 UTC  

For alternating reasons.

2018-09-04 23:50:15 UTC  

"Keeping the baby will kill you. No two ways about it. --Btw no abortion for you."

2018-09-04 23:50:27 UTC  

"Yes the abortion would save your life. No abortion for you."

2018-09-04 23:50:40 UTC  

That's beyond reason.

2018-09-04 23:54:33 UTC  

Abortion is illegal in germany. Granted, it does not get punished within certain parameters, but it is still illegal.

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tims a soi boi

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Contro is a peesa gawbage

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dont need to change ur mine

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Hewwo owo

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@Timcast re: Zina Bash - Her mother is Mexican and her father is a Polish Jew. No one even did a basic google search of her background before making that claim. But the reason they're targeting her is because she's a rising star in the republican party and they want to strangle her career in the cradle.

2018-09-05 02:05:43 UTC  

Can't have an intelligent, charismatic, highly qualified latina woman as a republican candidate some day.

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2018-09-05 02:14:54 UTC  

No, I think they're going after Kavanaugh still. This probably plays to Bash's favor, actually.

2018-09-05 02:15:02 UTC  

It's like Nikki Haley, it jsut gets here attention.

2018-09-05 02:16:11 UTC  

Still lol'ing about the white supremacist minorities.

Or I was. Until I realized I'd probably be counted among them if the Daily Beast wrote a biopic on me.

2018-09-05 02:20:41 UTC  

Jesus christ, does Tim not know how to pronounce Nike

2018-09-05 02:20:59 UTC  

Its TWO syllable Tim!!

2018-09-05 02:22:15 UTC  

The design on the profile pic gave it away