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my redmi note 8 pro should be here soon

my old one fell from the kitchen table flat onto the hardwood floor and shattered into a brazillion pieces of glass

rest in piss

note 5

i had it almost 2 years

i was planning to keep the n5 till next year and see what my options were then, but i had no choice\

my note 8 pro should be here today <:madman:589105474226618384>

ive been chinked

redmi note 8 just arrived, on the box it says 128gb

system storage settings say 64gb

i opened a dispute

yes it was

im just ordering in holland next time fuck ali express

face unlock is pretty cool tho

its the same IMEI number

not sure where to find that

serial number does not match

lower case numbers and letters


is there some sketchy rom on my phone or something

is the serial number on a redmi note 8 pro meant to be uppercase letters and numbers?

on the box *****/********

different on the screen settings

they dont match at all

they also jacked the price up before 11/11


ive been doing my dipute with with the redmi note 8 pro

i gotta ship it back to spain to get my money back

after all this shit is done im never using aliexpress again

serial numbers dont match, 64 gb intenal memory when i paid for 128, sketch rom

i should yeet it off my balcony before i return it


i thought about mailing a brick instead

ive made about 50 orders but this phone was my biggest purchse

english is nniet my first language

2019-10-30 18:06:09 UTC [csg #off-topic]  
2019-10-30 18:07:29 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

it is

2019-10-30 20:05:09 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

woah looks dank

phone is met post nl and going back to spain

eat shit aliexpress

they jacked the price up for 11 11

can banggood be trusted? i will stop using ali express after this is sorted out

are there any good otter box knock offs for the note 8 pro

2019-11-01 12:03:23 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i started no shave november 2 weeks ago

2019-11-01 12:32:59 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

why are there so many polish people in holland

2019-11-01 12:38:21 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i thought they move here for the hookers

2019-11-01 12:39:14 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i saw @Cole s mom in the red light district working a window last week

i sent it back to spain

gotta get a new one

i have t mobile internet and tv anyways


2019-11-01 12:44:22 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

where can i find a chink beer bong hat

2019-11-01 12:46:33 UTC [csg #off-topic] seems like a great way to inject beer into my ass

2019-11-01 13:14:53 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

im not fat, im acquiring mass

2019-11-01 13:16:20 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

no one came to my house, but im not allowed with 500 meters of a school zone <:madman:589105474226618384>

2019-11-01 13:20:15 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

gimme yo candy πŸ”«

2019-11-01 13:20:39 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i saw one but i looked in the mirror

2019-11-01 13:22:51 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i should have dressed up as a taxi cab and run over all the joker people in my costume

2019-11-01 13:23:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i went to a country music festival

2019-11-01 13:25:03 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i dont like dance music

2019-11-01 13:27:10 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i need to move to the usa

2019-11-01 13:27:45 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

yes i bring my 47 children and we make life in new country

2019-11-01 13:30:57 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

i forgot my pumpkin soup in the microwave and now its cold

2019-11-01 13:40:46 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

do you guys know joe

2019-11-01 13:41:00 UTC [csg #off-topic]  


2019-11-01 13:41:07 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

thats not how it works asshole

2019-11-01 13:42:58 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

ask jeeves


i played pubg on my old one

i dont really want to

2019-11-01 16:33:40 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

is there a chinese version of jbl under armor headphones?

2019-11-01 16:43:54 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

stank proof gym headphones seem like a good investment

are you still walking around barefoot?

is it hard to get taobao to ship to europe

do they have the global versions of xiaomi phones on there

how can i add additional tracking information on an ali express dispute when i had to return the order

i have the correct tracking number and shipping company

Logistics info:
Sorry, there is no logistics info for this logistics number.


if you follow the link it works


oh i did

oh yes

never again

yeah they accepted my return and i shipped it off last thursday

lemme check

Please add tracking details for returned Order No. * in My AliExpress before 23:18:13 Nov.08 2019. If no tracking details are added, this transaction will be automatically closed and payment will be released to the supplier.However, if you have added the return tracking number or the seller has cancelled or confirmed the return, you can ignore this notification.

can anyone help me add extra tracking info?

should i invite the aliexpress customer service rep to csg

not sure <:madman:589105474226618384>


i use ali standard shipping and its quick

ignore it

well my tempered glass protector for my note 8 that i dont have showed up

and the case i ordered for the note 8 i dont have should be here soon

i ordered my redmi note 8 pro *again* but this time in holland


zij blijft hier <:madman:589105474226618384>

aliexpress kunnen kanker krijgen

postnl is heel snel, hoor

ik bestellet mijn mobil vandag, hij komt morgen

i dont like speaking english

english tourists sucks

are the 2019 ipads worth it

id just buy it locally @PoliteSuka

what is that in euros

i paid 265 from bel simpel

atleast i can send it back to them again and then buy a nokia 3310 when i decide to stop using smart phones @Goz3rr

i played pubg on the disputed phone for a bit

ran quite smoothly

would there have been a big price increase if they had used a comparative snapdragon chip?

i ordered the puke green one because the nice white one was out of stock

there was like a 75 euro difference between the note 8 pro and mi9t

oh shit time to go get my phone

does the poco launcher work on the note 8 pro

yes it does

i ordered my first note 8 pro from them and had to return it because serial numbers didnt match, 64gb storage instead of 128gb (which i paid for), sketchy global rom

i bought it locally again and now all the serial numbers match, it was cheaper, here quicker and has 128gb storage.

oh man i saw a mi pad 4 for 190 euros

why does it take so long from china - nz @PoliteSuka ?


i have the puke green one, but its teal

i like it

thats the best

you can use pocolauncher on it

im used to stock android so miui is a hell hole for me

it makes no diference \

you can just choose which launcher you want to use

its fine

the mi note 10 pro is expensive af

You have returned your order to the seller – please wait for their confirmation. If the seller does not confirm receipt of your returned order, or escalate the claim, your payment will be refunded to you. Time remaining for seller to confirm: 0 calendar days 2 hour 16 minute 22 second .

2019-11-13 18:52:19 UTC [csg #off-topic]  

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