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2019-04-07 12:29:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-05-15 00:00:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-05-15 00:04:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Has any flat earther ever tried to be an astronomer?

2019-05-15 00:05:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #amphitheater]  

My god.

2019-05-15 00:07:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

what is that

2019-05-15 00:07:15 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

why.. is it rainbow

2019-05-15 00:08:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

just like the flat earth

2019-05-15 00:08:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-05-15 00:09:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-05-15 00:09:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-05-15 00:09:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

taste the rainbow.

2019-05-15 00:21:22 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

jeremy You mean studying objects

2019-05-15 00:25:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

@jeremy not to mention South Pole Telescope telescope that **you guessed it** is in the south pole, where day time and night time stretches to 6 months long.

2019-05-15 00:26:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

So studying gravity's affect on planet formation, and star formation doesn't prove the earth is also a sphere?

2019-05-15 00:27:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:28:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Yet you were judging how astronomy don't show gravity

2019-05-15 00:29:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Look at Saturn's moons, kept into orbit with Saturn's gravity.

2019-05-15 00:31:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

So if it isn't gravity then why isn't this so called force affecting earth

2019-05-15 00:31:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

And if it is, how?

2019-05-15 00:33:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Then why do the more dense objects in space have stronger gravitational pulls, which can be observed due to gravitational lensing

2019-05-15 00:34:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:34:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Then the burden of proof is on you.

2019-05-15 00:35:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

So why do stars attract to near by stars? Which has been studied a lot in astronomy

2019-05-15 00:35:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Also binary stars can be seen with amateur telescopes

2019-05-15 00:35:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

I'm sorry, we're talking about astronomy aren't we?

2019-05-15 00:36:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

jeremy.. they're not light sources

2019-05-15 00:36:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Planets are not light sources.

2019-05-15 00:36:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Shadows can't be left on light sources

2019-05-15 00:37:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

A lunar eclipse is the Earth's shadow on the moon

2019-05-15 00:38:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

don't know anything about that

2019-05-15 00:39:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

may i have a source?

2019-05-15 00:40:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

I'm only finding one thing about it

2019-05-15 00:40:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:40:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:41:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

That article explains how it was possible

2019-05-15 00:41:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Atmospheric refraction

2019-05-15 00:41:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

not magic

2019-05-15 00:42:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

You realize that lunar eclipses can only be accurately predicted with a globe model, right?

2019-05-15 00:43:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

PicklePot I guess

2019-05-15 00:43:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Well, was it a full eclipse?

2019-05-15 00:44:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

jeremy is just going to claim gravity is only a theory

2019-05-15 00:45:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

jeremy, please read the article

2019-05-15 00:46:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

The irony.

2019-05-15 00:47:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

You just said you can't jeremy..

2019-05-15 00:47:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Why are you contradicting yourself?

2019-05-15 00:48:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

So, you can see 300 light years

2019-05-15 00:48:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

light still travels to your eye

2019-05-15 00:48:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

He never said you can't see 100 light years, he said you can through a telescope

2019-05-15 00:48:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:49:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

You're not very bright.

2019-05-15 00:49:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Nobody wants to debate with someone over their opinions

2019-05-15 00:49:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

especially when they call their opinions scientific fact

2019-05-15 00:49:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-05-15 00:49:49 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

I'm done here.

2019-05-15 00:49:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

PicklePot he's a lost cause.

2019-05-15 00:49:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Good day

2019-05-15 00:50:04 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Good luck with this dude

2019-05-15 00:50:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Apparently his opinions is more important than proven facts.

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