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I’m doing pretty good


the moment i looked in the mirror at myself was when i started

i'll do that after my first contract with the navy is over

good to know I'm going to go for pastoral ministries so i can be a youth pastor at my church back home

until retirement hopefully

okay but where in the bible does it say that one sin is worse than another?

that doesn't say what sin is worse than others at all

thats up to interpretation though.

but in God's eyes sin is sin it doesn't matter what sin it was. there's a reason why Christ died on the cross. it was to forgive all sins of those who repented and asked for forgiveness, not just the "small sins"

off topic but who else thinks the 2018 Predator movie was the worst one of all 4 of them

thank you

the other predator movies were good but the 2018 was garbage. the Joker movie was mediocre in my opinion

it's been a while since ive seen it but from what i remember it was pretty good

@The Red Elephant are you from MI?

alright only reason i asked is 616 is a michigan area code

welp its where im from so thats why i know that

yea im awake

little bit but its only like 9:21 here

yeah im on the west coast for now

how are people doing today?

thats good

i may just be a citizen by day but by night I'm NIGHT CITIZEN

Hope y’all are staying safe out there can’t really imagine what’s going through your minds. I don’t really have anything to worry about living on a base but I’m praying you guys and your safety

hey y'all

i gotta start lifting again

i know im waiting for the gym on base to open so i can lift

oh im not on a diet but ive started doing 2-3 hours of body weight workouts and cardio 5 days a week and i just eat a shit ton

she's right ya know

I've been eating as much as the galley will allow me to eat and then i go to the commissary and get a bunch of snacks for the day

and if you get in a routine of doing the same workout too much your body gets used to it and it doesn't work as well so you should find a variety of different workouts that work on the same area that your trying to focus on

i drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day

just regular water and I've cut out all soda and energy drinks from my life for about a year and 4 months give or take a week

and im not sure about that but i can look into that

citric acids can help boost your metabolism

emphasis on can

so can cooking things with coconut oil instead of olive oil or butter

it helps with weight loss because it boosts your metabolism

im gonna be honest i never actually payed much attention to that kind of stuff. i should probably start doing that

i didn't have a job until my senior year of high school but its not really an issue for me, being in the military and all

nice i worked in a small factory business making parts for lift kits and stuff like that

dude all three of my sisters worked in the same Arby's at the same time

oh damn

good for you. i would've done the same thing

nice. I'll be back im heading to the one store on base that isnt closed right now

Here’s the thing isn’t it illegal for someone to be tried more than once for the same crime (specific time)

It says it was refiled implying it was the same case

Fair enough

not to mention how many people do you know of that act the same way the did say even 5 years ago. people change

man people as a whole are stupid as fuck i stg

id rather not

theres a video from the day after Minneapolis essentially got rid of their police. store owner is defending his store with a chainsaw and the first thing you hear over the chainsaw is "Somebody call the police!!"

trump isnt homophobic in the first place either. he's literally said its not his thing but if someone he knows is gay or lesbian he's all for it they can do their thing. essentially what he said

who else want some pie

i just found an old video on youtube of this guy who doesn't really care for trump going off on how horrible of a person Hillary Clinton is and i love it just for the fact that he's shitting on the democratic party

It doesn’t it says to confess to God and those you’ve sinned against

You’re telling me to have better sources when the website is literally using actual bible verses ....

Still the Bible doesn’t matter if it emphasizes which verses

So because I’m actually using the Bible to prove stuff you said was wrong about confessing to a priest I’m “defending promiscuity”

Hate to break it to ya but the civil war wasn’t even mainly about slavery it was about CONFEDERACY or ya know states having the majority of the power over the federal government.

I never said it had nothing to do with slavery I was saying it wasn’t the main focus dumbass

Robert E Lee was going to fight for the north but then got word of an unlawful order to march in the people of Virginia for no actual reason and decided to go fight for the south. And he never owned slaves he never wanted to and never liked the idea.

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone

Either way I know about the causes of the civil war and the MAIN motivation for it not being slavery. Also I’d gladly get a confederate flag any fuckin day being from Michigan

Oh yeah also I’m in the navy imma hang that shot in my barracks room as soon as i get it

He was good but still not perfect

Dude just shut up

Eat a bag of dicks @RagheadSteve

Good night y’all

Jokes on you I’m a Yankee raised by two southerners that moved up north

Figured I mean I tend to give everyone shit... most people can’t handle it tho

Howdy howdy

Y’all really off topic but Minecraft releases the nether update (1.16 for java edition) in three days

No one is 100% on the same side of an argument there’s always at least one thing they won’t agree with

Hillary Clinton

Gretchen Whitmer

Don’t call them that call em power titties

Half if navy barracks?

how are yall doin?


little pissed off at people but what else is new

thats felt

how about the post going around instagram about ICE saying and I quote: "Fuck ICE"

the way i see it is: You come into this country illegally you're going to either be imprisoned or deported. You do the crime ya pay the time.

if someone gonna break a law they shouldn't complain about whenever they're caught and grow the fuck up

people as a whole are fuckin retarded stg

"this map is fuckin stupid." friend

"hey i'm stupid don't say that shit around me" -me

i want a life



the thing about what you just said is that not all democrats are lazy and don't work in life. As for the blm thing the issue is the organization and what people did in the name of the movement, not the movement itself or the statement ( statement isnt an issue for obvious reasons)

he might not have been innocent but he still shouldn't have been killed. He sure as hell didn't deserve the gold casket and folded flag he wasn't a fuckin hero .

does anyone wanna play Among Us?

you cool if i send you an invite to a different server @JustiN ?

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