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i dont think thats entirely true

why is it on slowmode

2020 was a shithole

whats yalls opinions on lgbtq+ jw

yeah totally agree

why dont u agree with it

i donโ€™t believe its a sin at all, just cause itโ€™s your religion doesnโ€™t mean its everyones

I get it if itโ€™s your religion, you donโ€™t have to be gay but you can still support it

but i wouldnโ€™t call it a disease

lmao i donโ€™t think it causes aids

yes intercourse maybe but being in a relationship and them doing it is there own deal its not giving you aids

itโ€™s not unnatural it doesnโ€™t harm you

thatโ€™s like saying animals are wrong cause they arenโ€™t humans

iโ€™m not a furry

how does it harm me

i was trolling a furry server

im literally not a furry LMFAO

individuals should be able to do whatever they want

if it doesnโ€™t affect you you shouldnโ€™t care

thats not how it works

i was just askin a question

yall really believe youโ€™re going to go to hell for being gay? thats such a cry baby thing to say

if u believe that seriously i think there is better to worry about

38 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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