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I don't understand why people think this election will be any different

it is 100% rigged

people are retarded

nope too much corruption and this nation is failing

no one did a single thing and the dems will have control because republicans don't have spines \

it is being controlled by republicans who don't know how to stand up and fight back

unless something huge happens tomorrow things will only get worse\

people keep saying things will change but words aren't actions

you can say things will get better but unless people actually put effort and make changes things won't get better. i am just being realistic

trump had opportunities and so did every republican but no one did a thing

you can blame the courts but like he is the president

haven't they been presenting evidence since november 4th


people will not do something

i hear this same thing wait and see but at this point i think corruption is gonna win

i know what i am gonna do with both outcomes but like i care about this country because i live in it and it is awful to see how people just let corruption to win

no because my retard college started up and i have class

i am calling our leaders complacent because they have power to bring change and they haven't

like i am seeing people shocked that they are finding votes and dems are leading right now but they didn't do anything to change and secure this election \

i really hope so but at this point i have lost hope in our leaders

Trump is the one who fights constantly but i don't know why he didn't declare martial law and do a full audit

okay i will try

thanks man

huge gains just made for dems

several hundred thousand

Yessssssirrrrrr @Pelinal

2021-01-06 02:50:19 UTC [The Right Server #voice]  

Yessir @Pelinal

Atlanta has yet to be counted


See they still have Fulton county

It’s gonna be the dems at 4 in the morning

I was right

Mike pence doesn’t have the the guts to change something

Let’s just see if pence has a spine @Kandarihu

34 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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