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I’m good, and you?

2:00 AM on my end😎


Firefighter right? Recall you posting that on your page.

@americanaf Late reply, but hey.

Imagine drinking alcohol😎

That’s my account, yeah.


Is the new one.

Well, American. Largely French background though.

I’m largely just a Christian traditionalist.

But monarchism is my preferred form of government.


The most natural, maybe, not the truest. Government is just government. Doesn’t matter how you organize it in particular depending on policies.

I’m a gun-guy, not a libertarian, though, lol.

Big hunting family.

Mostly shotguns, though.

We have a Chinese rifle, at least. And a 243.

Revolvers are pretty fun.

We have multiple, but the one I’ve shot recently was a 22.

Louisiana 😎

I’m looking at colleges in Arkansas, actually.

In Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, and Mississippi.

A lot NAIA football programs so

Their new coach will fix things up quick

Memphis guy is a genius.

LSU players hated Saban, same deal.

Largely just an utter asshat.

Les Miles isn’t a bad investment for Kansas lol

Petrino really wasn’t bad.

@Deleted User saw the game where ULM beat Alabama during Saban’s first year lol?

I’m going to college soon enough.

It’s a sin, though not a mortal one if someone does it while not being in the right mind set.

Suicide is one of the worst sins as it is deliberate destruction of what God created.

Tattoos, circumcision, and some other things also.

It’s mutilation. You alter or permanently destroy what God has made.

But if someone wasn’t in the right mind set (ie. Mental illness) they can be forgiven and enter heaven with purgatory or whatever other sort of place of cleansing you believe in. Toll houses, perhaps.

Generally speaking, the gravity of a sin determined the gravity of the punishment. So yes, there was obviously an understanding murder and adultery were worse than let’s say some white lie.

And, of course, Christ himself discussed particular sins with more gravity. Like scandal.

**”It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." -Luke 17:2**

This citation can be interpreted in different ways, but in general it refers to either misleading children (scandal) or pedophilia, both being opposed clearly by Christianity.

Pfft, I prefer Jefferson Davis👀

He was a Christian man and one of character at that.

He wasn’t particular a racist himself as far as I’ve read.

Jefferson also considered converting to Catholicism throughout his life. Wanted to be baptized, but he was too young to legally consent to it.

Bro, don’t -

That’s mutilation and alteration of God’s creation☦️

If you want to be a strict adherent, yeah.

I don’t plan to drink, smoke, get tattoos/piercings/plastic surgery, whatever.

It’s all damaging your body and since your body is a tabernacle of God, it is sinful.

No problem. Happy to be able to help you.

The usual from the dirty feds.

Not a III% or anything like that myself, but I certainly hate the leftist-dominated alphabet boys lol.

Glow in the Darks.

Lord of the Rings >>> Game of Thrones

It’s a meme to see people care about astrology and all that funny business.

I’ve dated only once, granted I’m seventeen so I got time.

It’s not ethically or morally wrong. It’s stupid and cringe, but not wrong.

White women really be this way.

I just want chemistry and someone who wants a genuine, traditional marriage.

And of course kids😎

Why be proud of normalcy?

>nice trips


The point of marriage is to have kids.

Kids are annoying and whiny if you don’t raise them right, lol.

Then you attempt to have kids, lol.

Marriage is meant to be a trinity between man and woman and child.

And that’s the extreme unlikely scenario.

Statistically, it’s very unlikely, yes.

That is anecdotal.

First, plan B and condoms are a sin.

If you’re a Christian, yes, lmao.

Exactly, so you have no place to be arguing what’s a sin or not.

@Kevin_the_wise Check out Humane Vitae.

The Catholic Church is explicitly against abortion, contraceptives, et cetera.

Bruh, the amount of cringe we’re seeing.

>pre-marital sex

You won’t have kids because “Muh money” yet you’re fucking around which statistically increases the likelihood of a divorce immensely, lol.

You’re not, so hush.

It is, you’re an atheist, and have no opinion.

You left the church because you can’t fuck around like a whore.

That’s the case with most people who become atheists.

They can’t be a whore or a sodomite.

Nobody leaves the church because of theology, lol.

You’re not funny, yankee😎

The usual white woman.

This is how they act, lmao.

No other race has women this retarded.

Yes, lmao.

And don’t bring up African-Americans they don’t represent Africans.

Regardless of being sluts, they are just dumb.

It is.

He’s not a Christian if he’s marrying you with those positions, bro.

And of course pre-marital sex.

The eternal femoid at it again.

His God is Lucifer, lol.

Sex can only be a sacred, godly act in the confines of marriage, lol.

If members are unmarried, it’s adultery.

This is so classic, lmao.

The typical fucking libertarian white woman.

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