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is this the secret antifa server?

thx, im in the right place thn

wait... yes or no. im confused

in space the fidgetspinner spins you.. must be russian hackers

not allowing us all the ability to post images is racist

she spent all that clinton foundation money to buy enough copies to make it #1.. thank you donors

fried rice has egg in it.. coincidence? i think not...

pay me 20 bucks and ill watch your twitch for like 10min

dont take it personal, all twitchers are poopy

anyone here have an opinion of Yaron Brook?

@whoisjohngalt the video I just posted is from a guy who heads the ayn rand institute

hes got a slur or something, but hes ok from what I've seen of him.

youre doing allot of hating on him

I've only heard of him a couple weeks ago watching youtube vids of him in class going off on his students ignorance about capitalism

get the google pixel earbuds and it will translate for you

24 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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