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2019-02-25 14:38:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Holy shit I’m in

I found it on reddit but I’m a fat lazy bastard and never got rid of it

Taking out gore posts one at a time

2019-02-25 14:54:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I don’t use a knife to get the toast out of the toaster but I have yet to try the toaster bath bomb

2019-02-25 15:01:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I’m assuming to rise in rank you have to be a top tier shitposter

2019-02-25 15:05:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

We have no rights we agreed to dehumanize ourselves for the greater dank

2019-02-25 15:07:40 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

No u

2019-02-25 15:09:48 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Cume tonk

2019-02-25 15:12:22 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Except jizz in u moar

2019-02-25 15:17:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Gib dem legs a good ole rub

We will donate our crayons and windows to your autistic reign

Will I get gulaged for postin this in pr0n feed

LOL is a shit game that causes tism, it’s prob why I’m so fucking stupid

So I saw the nsfw pages but the real question is where can I get pics of that roblox poontang

2019-02-25 15:35:21 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Saw the nsfw pages but where can I get pics of that sweet roblox poontang

2019-02-25 15:36:27 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I will settle for mincraft waifu hentai

Hit it with a hammer

Hit it harder

2019-02-25 15:38:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I don’t speak croissant

Try duct tape and WD40

It fixed my parents marriage

2019-02-25 15:39:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Cajun is French rednecks change my mind

2019-02-25 15:40:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Smokes baguette in TF2

2019-02-25 15:42:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Poland is based af

2019-02-25 15:42:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

We don’t tolerate that kinda love makin in the south aka gods country

2019-02-25 15:42:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Just fuck your cusin you pleb

2019-02-25 15:43:19 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I’ve seen the waterboy

2019-02-25 15:43:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

The Cajun family tree is a stick

2019-02-25 15:44:05 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

It could be worse tho

2019-02-25 15:44:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

You could be a hillbilly from them virginas and literally just tuck your mom when you come to age

2019-02-25 15:44:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Hey man I’m not dissin ya

2019-02-25 15:45:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Ain’t no way ima fight some gator fighting retard from the swamps

2019-02-25 15:45:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

He might not be able to spell his name but he will cave your skull in for taking his crayons

2019-02-25 15:46:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

You can’t escape their 3 eye gaze

2019-02-25 15:46:24 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Louisiana is just full of sloth from the gooneys change my mind

2019-02-25 15:46:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 15:47:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Blacks can’t swim

2019-02-25 15:47:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Katrina wiped em all out

2019-02-25 15:47:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

That’s what you get for listening to black metal and turning your soul away from gods holy light

2019-02-25 15:48:05 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


Play minecraft you tist

2019-02-25 15:49:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Have you guys ever been on this and just think to yourself: damn I wish I could read

2019-02-25 15:50:33 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Idk how to upvote here cuz I got the tism bad

2019-02-25 15:51:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Donate your crayons and windows to the tist god

2019-02-25 15:52:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@PiereThePineapple I would but I only got like one brain cell left and idk if it can handle the cancer

2019-02-25 15:53:08 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@frillydoomsday I don’t speak jap what does uwu mean

2019-02-25 15:53:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

They say the dad bod is the new sexy, but the count looks like a grandpa so what’s that make him

2019-02-25 15:55:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@frillydoomsday to be transphobic means to be afraid of trans folk, im not afraid of em, their afraid of me *laughs in 4th Reich*

2019-02-25 15:56:15 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Every time I see @PiereThePineapple I wanna fucking find Nemo

2019-02-25 15:58:15 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

That fucking arm wrestler must have to go to the hospital every time he whacks off by crushing his cawk

2019-02-25 15:59:08 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@SuperCoven I am u just retarded

2019-02-25 15:59:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:00:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Croissant croissant baguette I can speak French

2019-02-25 16:00:50 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

*laughs in lung cancer and surrender*

2019-02-25 16:01:35 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@MR_._HAPPYFACE I’m not your dad I’m just the guy who pumped your maw

2019-02-25 16:01:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Be save bb

2019-02-25 16:02:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

No u

2019-02-25 16:02:23 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Just don’t touch peeners

2019-02-25 16:02:33 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

And say no homo

2019-02-25 16:03:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@MR_._HAPPYFACE if you think I like traps your gonna lose your shit when you see me in a room with my sister

2019-02-25 16:03:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:03:56 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Thanks I wanna kill myself

2019-02-25 16:04:21 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Tried rope keeps breaking because of my large healthy body

2019-02-25 16:04:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Pass the tendies you mongo

2019-02-25 16:05:22 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@MR_._HAPPYFACE don’t be mad get glad boi

2019-02-25 16:06:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

My b family

2019-02-25 16:07:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@MR_._HAPPYFACE good cuz only hefty bags can suffocate my fat ass

2019-02-25 16:07:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@MR_._HAPPYFACE anything is better than French

2019-02-25 16:09:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

It’s to symbolize the cream left in their rectum after literally any country is done with em

2019-02-25 16:10:56 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I wanna post bible verses in the nsfw but I know I’d be gulaged and I just got here

2019-02-25 16:11:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Boi pussy or gtfo fagget

2019-02-25 16:12:15 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I am a degenerate why do you think I’m here

2019-02-25 16:13:10 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:13:31 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Who up?

2019-02-25 16:14:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@Little Demon hail 501st

2019-02-25 16:15:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:15:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I watch his videos and he often mentions it

2019-02-25 16:15:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Fucking ginger stones in my feed

2019-02-25 16:16:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Oh no

2019-02-25 16:16:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:17:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Lazer bawhair remover

2019-02-25 16:19:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I don’t want any of my f’s hear a Taco Bell anus

2019-02-25 16:19:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Rip engrish

2019-02-25 16:20:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

*anywhere near a Taco Bell Anus

2019-02-25 16:20:31 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

5 layer poorito

2019-02-25 16:21:27 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

That’s what they should change their name to

2019-02-25 16:21:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

When you just want a nice meal but you end up dying from dysentery

2019-02-25 16:22:50 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Let no proteins go to waste

2019-02-25 16:22:57 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Gotta get them gains

2019-02-25 16:24:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

The fuq is a quinoa

2019-02-25 16:25:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

The fuq is a cous cous

2019-02-25 16:25:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Is that some fancy food I’m too poor to know about

2019-02-25 16:30:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Why’d I get banned

2019-02-25 16:30:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-25 16:31:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@Dimorac why u want me kicked

2019-02-25 16:31:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Wrong I am yello niger

2019-02-25 16:36:05 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Is it safe to post now

Not the n word pass

.cum will give me and my computer a virus

I can smell it now

Ima steer clear fam

One bum hole at a time

All will be ravaged


Dat u fam?

Hail Santa and his almighty sacc


So how many times does one need to be kicked in order to be banned?


Been kicked like 3 times and it’s my first day

Do I please the raep gawd


Anal virginity secured

Praise jeebiz

Gulag god lord of the priznerz

Have we found a greater god?

Idk I listen to h3h3 podcasts

The bloat must C O N S U M E

It’s gonna take a lot of tnt for him to praise allah

The sacc that cannot be tapped

Is septic worse than whitey?

What is this hierarchy

2019-02-25 17:06:25 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

4th time in the first day Wew

I’ve been kicked 4 times on my first day Wew

Mods h8 me but why

Ye we have no rights

Skyrim p0rn

Getting your hole filled by alduin

Idk as much as the mods hate me I won’t be long

Upgrade your firearms

Corpsegrinder is a god

@Werehog65 it’s not safe here

It’s nerf or nuthin

What is it like being in the septic tank

Whats the difference?

You can’t post pics or you can’t see pics?


Tbh I got kicked my first 4 times by just commenting

It’s not safe to pose pics

Don’t say that too loud they’ll hear u

Mods make me want to commit sudoku

Is the dankness going to appoint new gods?

Idk was in the other Shitposting page and they spammed trap porn

Gotta splooge them gaiboiz in porn


Is this some kind of gay joke im too hetero to understand?

Nah mods are on patrol

No funnystuff is permitted

Idk if I wanna get kicked again or just get demoted tbh

Idk why you would get banned from a Shitposting discord for Shitposting

Life is hard

Me when I get kicked for Shitposts

2019-02-25 19:10:50 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

30 stone *screams in ahab*

2019-02-25 19:12:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Back in the day specimens such as those could keep an entire harbor busy for a week

2019-02-25 19:13:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]

2019-02-25 19:14:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Go to church you fucking heathen #missionaryistheonlywaygpdintended

2019-02-25 19:58:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I just learned the doom music dood has a heavy metal choir for the next game

2019-02-25 19:59:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Nice what kinda vocals are they doing like growls or actual singing

2019-02-25 20:01:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Brutal, wish I still was in my old grindcore band rip me

Grindcore shows be like “why ARENT you covered in blood n piss”

How does this discord feel about varposting

At least you can run all I can do is shift my fat ass forward and try not to fall

Dunno new to this discord and been kicked 4 times in my first day, trying to get a feel around what’s cool and what’s not

Did still got kicked

Rip me

That’s awesome man congrats on getting healthier

I miss muh boi frank tbh

Well there’s always time to improve but it’s still pretty awesome that you had the dedication to lose weight, a lot of people can’t muster up the will to do it

Ah I gotcha

The lord is my shepherd you shall not want he maketh your skull explode he driveth my enemies before me he restores my holy lands

Love ww1 photography feel bad for em cuz how brutal it was tho

Thought this would be relevant

Looks fine to me tbh

Here’s a happy trooper

The filtration baron, praise him so you too will have clean air in the end times

Hey look it me when ww3 happens

*soviet anthem and gopnik bass intensifies*

You see vlad, enemy cannot shoot arms if they safely tucked away

He’s doing God’s work


2019-02-26 14:57:32 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 14:58:18 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Hey frens

2019-02-26 14:59:49 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:01:10 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

🅱️oi thighs

2019-02-26 15:02:28 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Better than asking 4 feet

2019-02-26 15:04:04 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

If feet is your kink that degenerate

2019-02-26 15:06:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:07:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:12:18 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

🅱️ost 🅱️ittens

2019-02-26 15:14:46 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

🅱️ost muthers

2019-02-26 15:16:54 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

🅱️ost grills

2019-02-26 15:19:15 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Bois nite

2019-02-26 15:20:06 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@Jim * sabaton intensifies*

2019-02-26 15:21:52 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Give the instructor the ole succ n gobble

2019-02-26 15:27:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Her maw was her paw

2019-02-26 15:29:22 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Pussy from the old country

2019-02-26 15:30:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Up the ante further and dig up great gmaw

2019-02-26 15:33:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

When nans with the Alzheimer’s gives head she always thinks it’s for a special occasion so she tries harder

2019-02-26 15:34:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Aged cheese

2019-02-26 15:34:35 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Like a fine wine

2019-02-26 15:36:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Just a crumb of pussy pls ma’am

2019-02-26 15:37:36 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Grills with poles oh no

2019-02-26 15:41:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

That’s the maymay

2019-02-26 15:42:00 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Confirmed: it’s cold in yeehaw land

2019-02-26 15:44:16 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Yeehaw country will survive through the hard times

2019-02-26 15:46:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Sad tiems

2019-02-26 15:48:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Franch peepl

2019-02-26 15:49:39 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Uni test?

2019-02-26 15:49:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  
2019-02-26 15:50:02 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Just got out of class

2019-02-26 15:50:39 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Wanna make the big monies

2019-02-26 15:50:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:51:10 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:54:14 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


Hey you there your finally awake


2019-02-26 15:59:11 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 15:59:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Wish I wasn’t an iPhone pleb but can’t get new phone because poor rip me

2019-02-26 16:01:18 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@Not Kebab can’t cuz not gaiboi

2019-02-26 16:02:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

🅱️ost maws

2019-02-26 16:02:12 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Dunno tbh

2019-02-26 16:03:13 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Oh no

2019-02-26 16:03:52 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Gotta say no homo homie

2019-02-26 16:04:01 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

If not then it gai

2019-02-26 16:04:58 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

You know the old saying

2019-02-26 16:05:09 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

You scratch my back and I’ll say thanks

2019-02-26 16:06:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

And true homie love carries on

2019-02-26 16:07:59 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


Not an isis fan but they’ve generated som bangers

2019-02-26 16:12:07 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

While jerking it if you get caught maintain direct eye contact

2019-02-26 16:12:15 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Establish dominance

Fashion mogged

2019-02-26 18:48:43 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Fuck cooking

2019-02-26 18:51:35 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Just take pre workout after waking up

2019-02-26 18:55:58 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Having anything to do with furries is horrifying

2019-02-26 18:56:47 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

To be fair one of the most iconic vocalists did bite the action end of a shotgun

2019-02-26 18:57:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

W8 reel grills are on here

2019-02-26 18:57:53 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 18:59:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Idk what’s even happening anymore

2019-02-26 18:59:45 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 18:59:54 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Jeebus where are you

2019-02-26 19:02:20 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Holy shit the spam

2019-02-26 19:04:29 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

I’m on mobile and there’s no way I could spam like that

2019-02-26 19:05:10 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  


2019-02-26 19:10:17 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

What should I get for lunch

2019-02-26 19:10:55 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@Black not a bad idea

2019-02-26 19:11:34 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

@black.- not a bad idea

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