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Dont expect frequent uploads lol

So we're called "marchers" eh? I've never been able to find a community or anything that shares my interest in patriotic music outside of the YouTube comment section

Wait what did I do

I live in the United States

Do you guys have an all encompacing term for this kinda of music? I never really know what to say when asked about my music taste. "Marches, anthems and Patriotic songs" is a little clunky but I dont know what else to call it

My one friend says I like "history music" lol


***HEIA, HOHO***

Hey guys I tried to standardize the new flag emojis to the same shape and proportions as the default discord flag emojis if you guys are interested https://imgur.com/gallery/OfL7bNw

i used inkscape and a template to just resize everything and make the proportions of the original elements as i could

I was practicing this last night and saw this opportunity and wanted to help ❀

no problem

glad to help

What's going on

That's nice

πŸ‡±πŸ‡· πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ

boo no bikini atoll emoji

I live in a rural area

Definitely not a city lol

I've never heard Trelawny, what is it?

Oh ok thank you

And I appreciate your ardent dedication in the making of anthems videos

It's very impressive and you are a great contributor to the march-verse

Nah you're way better

Where is there room to improve? You have a very good upload schedule and post songs that I've never heard of a lot

I wish I could summon the passion and patience you have


Keep being great ✊ I know you can

I don't deserve it as much as you

I just got weirdly lucky I guess

You have the consistency where you deserve attention

What about what I do is legendary?

You my friend are the legend

Sorry man monolingual ignorant American here :(

congrats on making it past most

@Skull Candy πŸ‘» What's your favorite anthem/marching song?

is it tied to your greek/italian lineage?

morto per la liberta~


i'm listening to Marcha Real

Der heimliche Aufmarsch is my favorite

*faint earrape*

oh lord the Djiboutians are coming


i love the instrumental one Getchan posted

i might've heard that once but i don't think i put i ever came back to it

oh i haven't heard this

thank you for introducing me to it ❀

i like listening to all of the old slightly dilapidated versions of Marcha Real

You guys added me to the list before i even joined this server I was so flattered when I saw that

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Sleep well! And remember you have a great channel!

we love you too

Yeah it's nice to see



Away, Away, away, away
We'll all go down to Dixie


<:v_confederate:336683175390478336> πŸ”₯


I like you too

How may we be of assistance

nope sorry

I'm not at home at the moment but I will

But, I do have a Scottish emoji from a different server we could appropriate


Right click on it and click open link, then download the picture

And then replace the current one with it


Yeah, same

Guess itll have to wait



1.5/10 at best

Do any of you guys have monetization

that's a shame you have a great channel

ive been thinking about this all week


>someone on the marchers server is in a relationship

you guys are amazing <:perfect:504081923304325131>

hell yeah you do


clearly the most powerful european army is that of guinea-Bissau

**knock knock, its the bissauans**

clearly you are all oblivious to the real superpower here

the county of Waldburg-Wolfegg-Wolfegg

the biggest military in europe by far

can i rule over the germans to form a strong germanic kingdom? <:flag_HRE:471763131056783383>
To form strong germanic kingdom?
Yesss <:flag_HRE:471763131056783383>
Actually becomes decentralized and fragments into hundreds of microstates like a boss <:flag_HRE:471763131056783383>

***Waldburg-Wolfegg-Wolfegg time***

Is it weird if i like it

I like maps that incoperate balkanization and otherwise in a balanced way

It just looks...*amazing* <:hot:504079504206200839>


Anglish Gang

***Begone*** non Germanic influence

And Greeks

Remove gyro

***Turkish nationalist sounds***


<:fingergunsright:504081196876300289> <:kek:504075869891985408> <:fingergunsleft:504081197198999552>

Feel thoroughly flexed upon


What's up ali

I do not control the price at which nitro is sold

School lunch

Its hip to complain about it but I don't really mind

Could be worse

Something with writing

*penguins screaming*

Oh spacious plains of glacious ice, we pledge our hearts to thee

Our last frontier for common gain, our land by frozen sea

*penguin honk solo*

British Antarctica has a cool coat of arms

just needs to lose the gradient


Yellow-white gradient <:sighh:504080639226806283>

British Antarctica I guess but since Antarctica isn't a government it cant make an anthem official

Antarctic treaty

There was a treaty that voided Antarctic claims but no one can really enforce it so countries like Norway do claim parts of Antarctica but it's still just ice lmao

Nazi Germany used to claim part of Antarctica I think

Needs a better flag

The coat of arms took approximately half an hour

*You're in the bullet's way*

Hell yeah bella ciao

<:no_marsal:498099560166457347> what does this emoji mean

What's the significance of "no marΕ‘al"?

Arent they the guys with the solid red flag

I'm completely wrong lmao

Yeah ive heard of that

Not a channel Instagram but I have a personal Instagram

Where do you live and where did you find the link to join this server

I haven't tried but according to FrantiΕ‘ek

Do you have something you wish to be added

Can you post it here or dm it to me?

Then I can implement it when I get on desktop

Or if you post it here someone else could if they had the chance first

Do you want the white background removed

i dont seem to have the option to add it


i removed the background at least


Looks Bolivian

I'm honored I was promoted and I pledge to work with the rest of the administration to lead the server into an ever improving future

I'll look into it


okay then..


we bring the jubilee


And, I'm not sure but that us but it does in fact look cool and I am curious

All my flags are 3x5 feet

Where did you get then

best Soviet flag fight me


I have Soviet Latvia, holy Roman empire, qing dynasty China, Prussia, cnt-fai, Seychelles, imperial Germany, Austria Hungary, 2 custom printed ones and Amsterdam

Or just willing to fork over over a hundred dollars for cheap polyester flags

(in total not individually)

I have two flags from an old server I was in

And my old personal flag

<:flag_UCSR2:471759557236883486> <:flag_UCSR:465716028723429387> <:flag_Aidan:471759356304556033>


I love cotton/nylon flags

I bought my personal flags off of this sketchy Chinese seller I reccomend you do better

Is there a marcher flag?

We aught to design one

Probably for over 30 dollars (unachievable)

Look up northstarflags they have nylon

What flag services deliver to czechia?

Ooh What are they

All polyester?

I like vexillology

More so than marches even

*embraces for criticism*

I think that's polyester

Polyester is the stuff that's really thin and plastic and printed on

What design experience do you have with them

I have several

I have make like, far too many

My favorite color is hot pink πŸ˜‰

I like red, purple or pink paired with black and white

Like world building?

Places in America are too boring

Apparently they have a flag

It's a light blue field with a rather boring shield as the charge

No I like yours better


Sounds lovely! What happened to the picture

Oh ok well if you find it I would love to see it

Homework is annoying but this muffin makes up for it

And I genuinely like talking here

***ebic gamer moments***


~~party rockers in the hou~~


<:Communism:465716230880362496> <:FALGSC:465716106880090122>

What were you gonna say

You said btw and tagged me

I'm not finished though

Will you make a design incorporating them?


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