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2016-11-20 00:44:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:31:17 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh no

2016-12-02 23:31:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:31:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:31:27 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:31:28 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:31:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

jesus fuck

2016-12-02 23:32:05 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

why is everyone freaking out?

2016-12-02 23:32:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it's just an @everyone

2016-12-02 23:32:14 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh fuck

2016-12-02 23:32:15 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh fuck

2016-12-02 23:32:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i accidentally pinged everyone

2016-12-02 23:32:32 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:32:42 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:32:55 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~did you just assume my gender?~~

2016-12-02 23:33:31 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

u on

2016-12-02 23:34:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

sorry for accidentally pinging everyone

2016-12-02 23:34:39 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

nemes nab

2016-12-02 23:36:42 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

nemes nab

2016-12-02 23:37:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:37:09 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

close enough

2016-12-02 23:37:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh shit i'm a grommet now

2016-12-02 23:38:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

R.I.P Tr0nJ0n

2016-12-02 23:38:05 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

???? - 2016

2016-12-02 23:42:18 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:42:33 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

nemes nab

2016-12-02 23:43:18 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

b a n

2016-12-02 23:44:06 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it's 5:45 PM here

2016-12-02 23:44:22 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

indeed they are

2016-12-02 23:46:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t regional its hip to fuck bees

2016-12-02 23:46:50 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

good bot

2016-12-02 23:49:57 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t regional "its the nutshack"

2016-12-02 23:49:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i'm sorry

2016-12-02 23:51:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-02 23:51:56 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it's like a mosaichh of zzsemen

2016-12-02 23:56:57 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

me 24/7

2016-12-02 23:59:18 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #span]  

+t "regional i love reshiram
i love reshiram
i am married to reshiram
reshiram i love
?????? is strong (JUSTIN STOP MUMBLING)
reshiram and justin
reshiram and justin
i love reshiram, so much love
β€˜cause love it doesn’t matter
if one is a pokemon
and the other is human yeah ??????
loooooooove (24x)
reshiram and i got married and ??????????????
???????????????????????????????????????? love at first sight
love each other (4x)
loooooooove (24x)
reshiram powerful legendary over-protective of me (2x)
reshiram is so over-protective because
there’s a lot of powerful pokemon out there that could deal a lot of damage
?????? reshiram is a powerful legendary pokemon she loves me so much
reshiram is a powerful legendary pokemon she loves me so much
i am married to a fire-type pokemon
i love reshiram (3x)
i will ride ??????? to reshiram
we love each other
love each other (8x)
loooooooove (14x)"

2016-12-02 23:59:29 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #span]  

fuck i fucked it up

2016-12-02 23:59:49 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:00:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:01:09 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Sometimes. I rarely watch them when they're live, but I watch their full streams when they upload them to Youtube

2016-12-03 00:01:57 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I have to wake up as the asscrack of dawn, so I don't watch them live too often

2016-12-03 00:02:28 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I get up at five, but that's because my school is like, an hour away from where I live

2016-12-03 00:02:58 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:04:23 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yeah, I make games

2016-12-03 00:04:52 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Currently I'm working on an RPG and a fighting game

2016-12-03 00:05:10 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

for PC and consoles (I'm a licensed dev for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo)

2016-12-03 00:05:28 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yeah, I can make stuff for 3DS and Wii U

2016-12-03 00:05:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm gonna get in contact with Valve eventually

2016-12-03 00:07:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Currently, I'm working on two. One of them is a remake of a really shitty old fighting game that no one remembers (or has the rights to), and the other is a completely original RPG

2016-12-03 00:08:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The former is for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS. The latter is for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

2016-12-03 00:08:41 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'll see if I can find a screenshot of one of them

2016-12-03 00:09:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Here's the fighting game

2016-12-03 00:09:33 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's a remake of Ballz 3D, but with various improvements

2016-12-03 00:09:39 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's not. It's in English

2016-12-03 00:09:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The font's just weird

2016-12-03 00:09:49 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I stopped using that font and started using a better one

2016-12-03 00:10:37 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I stopped using that font

2016-12-03 00:10:44 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  
2016-12-03 00:10:56 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Both of these are extremely early in development, so they look really shitty

2016-12-03 00:11:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The fighting game is a lot further in development than the RPG, I'll say that much

2016-12-03 00:11:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The RPG is probs gonna get canned for another project

2016-12-03 00:13:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm focusing more on the fighting game, as that one has more of a following behind it than the RPG. I'm aiming for a 2017 release

2016-12-03 00:14:39 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

ah, so you're a voxel artist

2016-12-03 00:15:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:16:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:16:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I can't draw or do pixel/voxel art at all. I can program, that's it

2016-12-03 00:17:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

And I'm for the most part a one-man team

2016-12-03 00:17:41 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The only exception is the occasional contribution Ballz: Shattered (the fighting game) gets from someone in its discord server

2016-12-03 00:20:40 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:21:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Ballz: Shattered?

2016-12-03 00:22:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Sure thing

2016-12-03 00:24:10 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:24:58 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

here's another screenshot of ballz: shattered

2016-12-03 00:25:55 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

a 4K one, at that

2016-12-03 00:41:33 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yep, the characters are made of spheres.

2016-12-03 00:42:17 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

This one I'm making is actually sort of a remake/reboot of a really shitty SNES, Genesis, and 3DO fighting game from like, 1994. No one owns the rights to it, so I figured why the hell not?

2016-12-03 00:43:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Well, I'm not the original game's dev so I don't think I can

2016-12-03 00:44:24 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Basically, this remake improves the original by adding faster gameplay, actual combos and tech, more characters, more stage variety, online multiplayer, finishers, special moves, stuff like that

2016-12-03 00:44:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

While still retaining the original concept and "charm"

2016-12-03 00:45:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~it's also filled to the brim with testicle jokes~~

2016-12-03 00:45:49 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I think the grumps played the original one time

2016-12-03 00:46:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 00:48:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Idk why I decided to remake this game, but I am

2016-12-03 00:53:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

That's one of the finishers. Finishers don't work like you'd expect them to.

2016-12-03 00:57:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

They technically aren't models. The "character models" are different colored spheres put together and animated in Unity, so they're dynamic.

2016-12-03 00:57:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yep yep

2016-12-03 02:58:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i'm streaming shit, so that's a thing

2016-12-03 03:06:12 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i'm streaming me making a shitty game

2016-12-03 03:26:46 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's restarted, hopefully it works this time

2016-12-03 03:39:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-03 03:39:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I am so, so sorry for this stream.

2016-12-04 01:12:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-05 16:11:24 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-05 18:21:26 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-05 18:25:40 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

😩 😩 😩 😩

2016-12-05 18:35:17 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-05 18:48:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-05 18:57:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-08 17:55:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm remaking a shitty old fighting game that no one remembers for some reason

2016-12-08 17:55:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Idk why

2016-12-08 17:56:41 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-08 17:58:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i'm remaking ballz for some reason

2016-12-08 18:00:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's called Ballz: Shattered

2016-12-08 18:01:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's a remake of the 1994 SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, and 3DO fighting game that nobody remembers

2016-12-08 18:02:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-08 18:03:44 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

idk why i'm putting so much effort into it lmao

2016-12-09 23:52:56 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh no

2016-12-09 23:53:15 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

jesus fuck

2016-12-10 02:11:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

jesus fuck

2016-12-10 02:12:20 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

god fucking dammit

2016-12-10 02:12:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

where are they coming from?

2016-12-10 02:12:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-15 21:10:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-17 06:08:42 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm remaking Ballz

2016-12-17 06:12:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

one of the characters has a pepsiman alt skin, does that count?

2016-12-18 05:57:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:07:26 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm adding unlockable alt-skins to Ballz: Shattered. This is one of them.

2016-12-22 01:08:17 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~yes, a grand dad skin~~

2016-12-22 01:11:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

There's also a Pepsiman skin for one of the characters

2016-12-22 01:16:27 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yeah, I had to pause development for a while, but things are moving again

2016-12-22 01:18:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

So far, there are six finished alt-skins

2016-12-22 01:18:49 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Two for Turbo (the superhero), One for Kronk (the caveman), One for Octave (some sort of octopus), and two for Sarge (the army soldier)

2016-12-22 01:20:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:20:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Here are the two finished skins for Turbo (the superhero)

2016-12-22 01:21:03 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~i'm gonna get fucking sued~~

2016-12-22 01:21:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm remaking it

2016-12-22 01:21:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm remaking it with more fighters, improved controls, faster gameplay, and online play

2016-12-22 01:22:09 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm also adding unlockable alt-skins/costumes, as you can probably see

2016-12-22 01:22:38 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Yeah, and no one owns Ballz

2016-12-22 01:22:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

No one snagged the copyright, so I figured I'd remake the game

2016-12-22 01:23:46 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]

2016-12-22 01:23:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It looks like this

2016-12-22 01:24:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~this is an old screenshot, i'm using a different font now~~

2016-12-22 01:24:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Another addition is specials and finishers, and that screenshot is of Bruiser's special

2016-12-22 01:27:41 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's of the main menu

2016-12-22 01:27:58 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~it's not finished yet, so don't judge me too hard~~

2016-12-22 01:28:14 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:31:45 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:33:15 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:38:04 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:40:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

oh my god you have septapus

2016-12-22 01:41:26 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 01:42:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 02:02:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  
2016-12-22 02:02:39 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 02:13:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 03:12:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

what did i come back to?

2016-12-22 21:56:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:56:50 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

how can you tell?

2016-12-22 21:57:12 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:57:20 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:57:27 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:57:37 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

nemes nab

2016-12-22 21:58:04 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:58:14 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:58:17 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 21:59:44 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's only gay if you say it is

2016-12-22 22:16:38 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

That sounds like a clickbait article

2016-12-22 22:23:40 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Matthew is homosexual

2016-12-22 22:24:01 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

who said they'd be human

2016-12-22 22:37:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 22:37:32 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

he's an octopus

2016-12-22 22:37:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

the green dude

2016-12-22 22:37:58 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

he's one of the new fighters

2016-12-22 22:38:23 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

you are a relatively okay person

2016-12-22 22:40:16 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's being made in the Unity engine, so a combination of C# and JS

2016-12-22 22:40:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~If Unity is too problematic, I'll shift it to Unreal~~

2016-12-22 22:40:58 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

And sure

2016-12-22 22:41:31 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Both Unity and Unreal have their merits

2016-12-22 22:42:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

The reason I haven't shifted it to Unreal is because I'd have to remake everything.

2016-12-22 22:43:05 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's not really much of a rumor

2016-12-22 22:43:13 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It's confirmed that Unreal will support the Switch

2016-12-22 22:43:18 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Same with Unity

2016-12-22 22:43:26 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~Ballz on Switch~~

2016-12-22 22:43:57 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Y'know, if I really wanted to I could put Ballz on consoles. I'm a licensed developer for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft and Ballz isn't copyrighted

2016-12-22 22:44:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~I actually was planning on releasing Shattered on PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS~~

2016-12-22 22:44:56 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Ballz: Shattered

2016-12-22 22:45:08 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

PC Master Race

2016-12-22 22:45:20 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Atari 2600

2016-12-22 22:45:32 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I could put the game on Wii U, but I probably won't

2016-12-22 22:45:41 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Wii U's dead

2016-12-22 22:45:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Unity doesn't support Wii anymore

2016-12-22 22:46:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It did, yes

2016-12-22 22:46:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Unity supports Wii U though

2016-12-22 22:46:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I could put Ballz on Wii U, but Wii U's dead so I won't

2016-12-22 22:46:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

It'll be on New 3DS though

2016-12-22 22:46:56 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Ballz is a really shitty old fighting game for SNES, Genesis, and 3DO. I'm remaking it for current-gen consoles and PC

2016-12-22 22:47:15 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

With more fighters, online play, faster gameplay, and tighter controls

2016-12-22 22:47:20 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-22 23:13:25 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 11:12:30 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Minecraft awesome parodys is a gift

2016-12-23 11:25:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I expected cringe, but i got art

2016-12-23 11:37:10 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I listened to this unironicaly at one point, and yes I am ashamed

2016-12-23 11:45:29 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 11:45:39 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it was replaced with an even shittier version

2016-12-23 11:47:04 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Half-Left 4 Team Portal: Episode 3 confirmed

2016-12-23 11:47:19 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

& Knuckles

2016-12-23 12:12:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:12:21 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I think we broke it

2016-12-23 12:13:03 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:13:06 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:13:16 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

ban semen?

2016-12-23 12:13:38 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen

2016-12-23 12:14:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:15:07 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it's like a mosaicchh of zzzzsemen

2016-12-23 12:15:40 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen ban semen

2016-12-23 12:15:44 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:15:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen add ban semen

2016-12-23 12:16:02 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t add semen

2016-12-23 12:16:09 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

ban semen

2016-12-23 12:16:13 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

there we go

2016-12-23 12:16:28 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen

2016-12-23 12:17:31 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

it's like a mosaicchh of zzzzsemen

2016-12-23 12:28:53 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:29:22 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-23 12:30:54 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~I'm making a game about people made of balls fighting each other so i think i know a thing or two about gay~~

2016-12-23 12:31:52 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~one of the fighters is a fucking tentacle monster~~

2016-12-23 12:33:06 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~There's a reason why he's in it~~

2016-12-23 12:34:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~It's the same reason the cat's in it~~

2016-12-23 12:37:42 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]

2016-12-24 01:07:00 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen

2016-12-24 06:51:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

+t semen

2016-12-24 21:51:23 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

4-player ball-busting action

2016-12-24 21:52:11 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm going for a 2017 release

2016-12-24 21:52:35 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Hopefully I can release it in 2017

2016-12-24 21:53:15 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

I'm mostly posting updates regarding it in its discord server

2016-12-24 21:55:33 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

correction, they named it after you

2016-12-24 21:55:50 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

you should feel honored

2016-12-24 21:57:48 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

i just realized i can sell ballz for real moneydollars

2016-12-24 21:57:51 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~fuck yeah~~

2016-12-24 21:58:28 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  


2016-12-24 21:58:59 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

Maybe I'll sell the 3DS and Mobile version for $4.99

2016-12-24 21:59:42 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #joneral]  

~~yes, i can do that~~

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