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I'm trying to cover the basic tools a goy should have to start. if there is anything else I should cover let me know

@Lebens so you basically disconnected all the wires from the old panel, tracked them, and required them to the new panel?

How long does that take?

That's awesome.

@Lebens that panel/meter combo in that last picture is the second one of those I've seen you post. It's similar to what I would call a meter bank for a multi dwelling bldg. Is that something that is common for your area. Is that what the utility requires? I'm in Louisville and all of the services that we install have a meter Base outside and then a panel beneath it or just inside the wall from it. I was just wondering if that is something that you personally prefer or is that something that is common to your neck of the woods

Ooh, yeah, looks like he may have gotten some tendons?

Fuck dude!!!

I mean... ouch

That's fucked. Hopefully he has some secondary insurance

I swear those kikes at those comp companies aim to not give out money

My girlfriend messed her wrist up at work recently and they wouldn't give her a dime. Had the doctor's notes and everything documented and they claimed she didn't.

She was quitting there anyways and it happened on her last week so she didn't fight it.

Aerospace plant in Phoenix is shutting down, lots of CNC gear for auction. http://go.resellcnc.com/l/166542/2017-07-05/gdv6v

Lock out tag out!!

Right. I swear i could lite a fire by snapping my fingers they're so rough.

Mine is a scrub nurse so hers is the complete opposite

Slick as glass

I can't hardly work with gloves I have to cut the fingers out of them hobo Style. I see too much with my hands

It helps to have Nimble fingers. They're a lot of small meticulous parts and pieces that you're working with constantly.

And hand lotion is for sissys๐Ÿ˜‚

Jersey gloves with tips cut off all winter long

I took this earlier to send you. 100+ yr old mansion on Cherokee pkwy. Round library


Cocoa butter for the niggs

The owners their jews

It's a four story Colonial right across from the golf course on Cherokee Parkway

The Mansion been wired a few times it's currently wired in bx

Not really just the old shit is heavy duty as hell.

They are switches. They're just spring-loaded the upper one pushed in is for on. The place I was at today has them. You can purchase new ones there replicas for when they wear out

In the 30 years I've been doing electrical work I can count on both hands the # of black electricians I've worked with

So much of being an electrician is visualizing your work in your head. Whether it's the circuitry or the manner in which you're going to run your conduit racks Etc. They just can't keep up.

Watching One troubleshoot something is a riot

A coax stripper and a crimp tool were too much for them to grasp

Lil' twitchy on the trigger!

@RevStench How's our man with the red thumb doin?

Now it'll hurt like hell.

Well, wish him a speedy recovery from the Alt Right.

I do plumbing too

If you are talking about reconnecting the pump once it's inside the house it should not be too bad. They make a product called pecs which is a plastic water line with compression fittings. The requires a $100 tool to crimp them but when you're done you can take it back to Home Depot and return it for your money. If you're talking about rerunning pipe outside I would need a little more information. But anytime you can keep a water line deeper than 18 inches in the ground it won't freeze

The plastic pipe has changeovers where you can connect to the existing copper it's very easy to run then color coded blue and red

What does it mean if my car just loses power in it's accelerator? It does thing where it'll drive fine, then slowly lose power and eventually I'll have no power at all in the accelerator, but the vehicles interior lighting is all still on. If I turn the whole car off and back on it'll very temporarily fix the issue (for like 2 minutes). If I downshift I get a little bit more output from the engine but it tapers off (it has a lot of initial output, then none very quickly).

It's only ever happened 2x

There's so many electrical things on these cars nowadays it's going to be hard to track down. When it has no power if you put it in neutral and Deuce the gas and see if the engine still runs smoothly if it does it could be something in the transmission. The Transmissions are electronically controlled. You may have to try a little plane with it when it happens put it in neutral see if the engine run smoothly if not it's in the ignition system possibly

One thing you can do is take it to your local auto parts place and ask them to pull the codes on it. If your check engine light pops on while you're driving it shows that there is a problem and they can pull the codes and tell you if there are any issues

Cool, I guess I'll just play Russian roulette with it until I can find a mechanic who knows what's wrong with it. Both of the mechanics I've been to so far have don't have any leads because it isn't chronically recurring

Well if your check engine light is on they can pull the Colts. If not like I said when you are driving it and it happens try to see if it's in the actual motor or just that the car won't pull itself. The actual mechanic on this channel could probably give you a little more information. He's pretty good at his job

Basically I'll be driving and lose power on the accelerator. There will be no output at all. If I stop the car and restart it I can get up to like 3rd, maybe 4th gear but lose power again with 5 minutes. It sorts itself out within a couple of hours

Im not really sure what you mean by limp, it becomes sort of soft almost, but soft in the sense that the engine is unresponsive

but it doesnt go limp, I have to apply a normal amount of pressure to push it down

@Yuma County it might have a code but theres no light, it could be fuel delivery, but I buy highest octane. Not to say it isnt fuel delivery but doesnt that minimize the chance that you get a shitty batch>

Gotcha, thanks for the help! @Yuma County

Never checked, that's a very good question

@Mark Vandal Is there an easy way to tell if the potatoes are soft without having to open up the foil?

Some basic meal prep for the week did 2 tilapia fillets and squash also


Eggs are all of the eggpill variety: hardboiled

When you're roughing in for a door the rough opening is always about an inchor so bigger than your prehung door. That way you could shim on either side to true it up. If your casing is 31 and 5/8 inches if you put your rough opening approximately an inch greater and Center it in the opening to the basement you should be able to se t the prehung door and shim it to get it centered and true

I did not catch that sorry. Yes trying to frame in and hang a door is rough to do. Plus you have to go back and trim it all out. If you get a Ford a prehung door it would go a lot quicker and easier on you. Just try to find one that matches the opening so you don't have a lot of drywall patching

*can afford

Just had the brakes bled and fluid replaced mid last month If that makes any difference

Happened both before and after that was done

@RevStench are you going to Charlottsville

It looks like the wiring was a two wire system. For a while they decided that grounds were necessary and did not pull a ground conductor. The neutral wire which is the white wire is at Ground potential in the panel so basically it is grounded just like a ground wire would be so they are putting a jumper between the neutral screw and the ground screw so as to ground the outlet. This is not cold legal. The proper fix would be to go buy a two wire Outlet which is an outlet that has the two vertical slots but no round ground hole and put that back in. People change and put 3 wire outlets on so they can plug things like plug strips and other devices with ground prongs but it is neither safe nor legal. If there is a green or bare ground conductor in the box then you can use that to bond to the green screw and use a 3 prong outlet otherwise it should go back to the old to wire original scenario

* unnecessary

I see this all the time and it is a scenario that will work and provide both a neutral and a ground but like I said as per your electrical code there should be a wire for the hot a wire for the neutral and a wire for the ground.

This is OC

Yes go ahead and make it all up include your new wire that you were going to run twist all your light colors clockwise under a wired nut with the short jumper wire to your individual device and It will give you best results

Here is a splice with 3 nm cables and the jumper wires to the outlet. Twist wires clockwise as this is how the wirenuts tighten

Crazy stuff. Glad to help. Hope to see u in cville!

@Lebens u going to cville

@Placidseven - MO#5546 I've hung probably over 100 salvage doors making my own jambs and milling my own trim etc. just make sure you have plenty of shims on hand. The long cedar work the best. It can get complicated especially if you mortis your hinges. Need a good router or laminate trimmer.
With a pre-hung most of the jambs are adjustable and the door is already hinged. Don't forget your level!

There's a ton of step by step vids on YouTube if you wanna go with the salvage. It is super rewarding after you get it done. I milled and hung all the doors and trim in my house

@RevStench what are those serrations on the side of that chisel what are those for

Damn. Mean chisel! Lowe's Kobalt tools are pretty good I've got a few of them

Yeah blown up quite a few pairs

@RevStench#3208 nice trim! Square - basically what my wife wanted when she found all those doors.

That square hardware is Emtek, pretty good stuff we spent a mint on

@RevStench#3208 that is beautiful work brother

Anyone here know anything about improvised antibiotics? Wanting some for my bug out/medical kit. I guess I could throw In some used ones the next time I get a script but I've heard fish tank antibotixs are similar to cypro and safe for human consumption

@Placidseven - MO#5546 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Yep or you can use galvanized base plates with wedge anchors if the posts can sit on the concrete

I agree with the fabricated iron. And my earlier comment about base plates only really works if the posts are used in framing something up. Doesn't work so well just for handrails

@everyone If yesterday showed me anything, itโ€™s our need to be self-reliant. Looking back at how the whole thing played out, it felt like a slow ambush between the police, BLM, and Antifa. Worse still is the (sadly predictable) media ambush. It sometimes feels like itโ€™s us against the world (though it appears we have a lot of silent backers out there). In any event, letโ€™s keep up our work here. It is our strength, intelligence, and ingenuity that separate us from our enemies. And the heavens know weโ€™re gonna need good medics in the future!

I know right?

So short update, the electrical system on the mini is completely fucked. The stereo/speaker module died on me and I Guess when They went to hook their computer up to the car it somehow fried the foot module so the car is messed up in all sorts of ways. Brake lights stuck on, headlights stuck on, turn signals don't work, driver side window is stuck down, locking system doesn't work

Runs fine though, had an oil leak repaired and it sounds much better now

They as in the mechanic I went to

It's still under warrantee (somehow) so I'm going to have a dealership fix it

Welcome aboard everyone just joining us.

Hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

If you're not familiar with the set-up, have a look in the <#338772935462354945> channel. Lots of good info from a lot of smart people on this server.

@Deleted User also try your local farmers coop

Who can put me in the medic lessons thread?

Can we get some CPR stuff posted in there? One of the better places to start. @Brandon Ironside- ND

Idk if I'd post the rib breaking stuff lol. That's how you get people pushing to the spine. 2 inches, you might crack a rib or 2, just be weary of that. Depth is 1/3 for kiddos.

@Deleted User ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Reminder that everyone who is a medic and has something to share should. Just because youre not a mod at this stage does not mean we don't want to hear from you. That goes for every subject.

So have I, work on an ambulance full time, hospital part. I've seen plenty of newbys to CPR try purposely to break ribs because someone told them they have to.

Or, we could teach them the depth without saying "if you don't break ribs, you're not doing it right". It leads to pigeon religion like when people put a spoon in a seizing persons mouth.

Literally everytime I see a code, someone is doing CPR atrociously wrong. That's the reason I brought it up. It is the most basic thing, and it's usually done wrong.

ABC for a regular code, CAB for trauma.

Honestly though, if you are a bystander doing CPR, just open the airway with a head tilt (if no signs of spinal trauma), make sure someone calls 911, and do the chest compressions. If you get an assistant, you can worry about the rescue breaths, but building up blood pressure, and keeping it circulating is more important.

@everyone Did anyone talk to the guys we used home remedies for pepper spray on? Did anything seem to work more than just water and air?

@Deleted User milk, Maalox, and baby shampoo.

Data shows most important things to surviving arrest is quality compressions and how quickly someone can be cardioverted

If someone goes down, start compressions and get AED asap.

My only concern with the milk is if we are out in the heat, not sure someone would like stinky hot milk on their face.

@ErikaI saw you using it, i was using just normal saline for an eye flush which didn't seem to help much.

Yeah my car has some sort of Phantom or something

It constantly fails catastrophically and either nothing or everything is ever wrong with it when I take it to the mechanic

He received something at ultra high pressure. It's possible it was bear mace, or it could have been draino

^^^ becoming the contractor is the endgame!

A lot of these newer cars use common ground points for all of the computerized equipment. For a long time the Cadillacs had real issues with these. The grounds would become loose or corroded and basically causes chaos with the electrical system in a computer's. I'm not sure on your make of vehicle but it just goes to show how one little thing can cause everything to go Haywire

@everyone Reminder that all of the rules that apply to our main server apply on this server.

@Deleted User, whatever @Erika used on me seemed pretty effective.

Good deal, i had heard online that everything was kind of just placebo effect. I didn't really believe that because i would think removing the agent would help.

@Louis Loire - NY @Erika did you guys have anything other than pepper spray? Had a cut with urine in it, that looked like it needed a couple stitches, and blunt trauma to the forearm proximal to the elbow.

Not sure I'm visualizing what you're doing correctly but usually I anchor rim joists to the wall the build the frame and use temp supports until I set footers and posts. Use levels to plumb down to where anchors should sit. Square up by using the 345 method of measuring corner to corner

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola knot tying, and knife sharpening are easy skills to practice at home.

Lessons learned? @Erika @Louis Loire - NY i honestly didn't expect as much pepper spray as was there. We also need to plan an actual triage point next time, I think. What helped with the oven cleaner? Were there any Neuro symptoms with the skull fracture?

Is the person that got sprayed with the oven cleaner good? Seems like the best thing would be just flush with water, or vinegar (since oven cleaner is basic).

@Erika did you have a glucometer to check sugars, or were they just showing signs?

Any in eyes or airway?

Hey I got an auto body question, figured best to post here. I got a few rust spots on the roof of my tuck. Was gonna: -Sand down with orbital sander/sandpaper -Clean and prime -Spot paint with autobody paint Does this sound good to any of you goys that know about paint jobs?

Sorry for the weird formatting was trying to make a bullet point list

Sounds like you got it.

@everyone if you are going to be part of a medic team at an event and need supplies, have someone (in leadership) who can confirm you will be there PM me, you also PM me, and I will get you most everything you need.


Nice stash

But wait, there's more.


Queen Anne's lace, I think.


Daucus carota

You may not want to pick or walk around while wearing shorts. Chiggers suck.

@Mark Vandal Nice lesson! That was awesome.

@Deleted User @Lebens how long does it take to become a certified electrician?

It varies from state-to-state. you have X amount of hours in the field and some State accredited school. An engineering degree will provide the requirement for time in the field. At that point you're eligible to test for your Master's license

Your time in the field roughly works out to 4 years

Again I believe it varies upon state but yes your school degree he is applicable towards a certain portion of the requirements. It should go towards the schooling portion of it

Quickly? Depends how bad

Freeze water bottle and roll on bottom of foot

Get.some nsaids to take with food

Get brace over the counter to sleep in to keep foot dorsiflexed

And stretch w a towel looped around bottom of feet

Of the affected.foot rather

Heel inserts help a bunch as well

Tylenol is not an nsaid

Ibuprofen, naproxen, aleve

Stawberry you do need.to back.off the running

If you keep running on it, it will get worse

You can get severe chronic pain from this if you keep pushing through

Unless you're training for something career critical take a break, do some swimming or something

If you're not doing significantly better after a week or so can consider some oral steroids for stronger anti inflammatory effect

Ice, nsaid, rest most important

Ah, if that mild should be easy fix. Try frozen water bottle trick to massage and ice at same time

This type of thing can turn chronic if not careful. Baby it a bit for a month, do lower impact things like Chuck saying, then start back gently.

On the knife sharpening. Is there a particular degree that you try to maintain when sharpening. I was always told that somewhere around 33 degree angle was best. Is that true or is it just whatever feels best to you

I know you said to try to maintain the angle on the tool but I have not had much luck with that

I would suggest working for someone else for a while before striking out on your own. There is a lot to be learned from guys that have been out there for a while. To start with one service truck, ladders and tools plus throw in start-up costs insurance licenses Etc you could put a dent it your money quick. You can go residential commercial or Industrial working for someone else would kind of give you an idea of what the different types of work you'll like

Walgreens or cvs

This is one I like the best. Got at Walgreens

Anyone online?

What's up brother?

I got a swollen bee sting. Should I just wait it out, or do something about it?

Not particularly painful, but annoying to walk with because it's on my foot

@Helbrecht - WA The side of my foot has noticeably grown, though I can still put shoes on.

Not allergic

Aye and ice and elevation can't hurt either

All of the above is great

@everyone who will be going to an event any time soon? I'm going to be making small kits for the medics in the crowd, and an ambulance bag for the triage point/medic truck. For the higher ups, I think this would be the best way to coordinate the medic teams. C-ville was kind of a cluster-f for us, and I think we should focus on getting structured. This includes comms, universal kit setups, a point that all elements (security, etc.) Know where to take someone for medical care.

From a logistics perspective if doing a big event like cville I agree Wiley.

@Erika can you have someone post your mace remedy in the medic lessons thread?

I'm trying to find a cheap small bag guys can buy without sweating it. Any ideas on what we need in them? So far:
2x large gauze
1x tourniquet
1x bottle of saline
1x bottle of pepper spray remedy
5x 4x4 gauze
1x coban
1x tape
1x medical sheers
2x Cold packs
Sanitizer wipes
Alcohol preps
Anything else you guys can think of for first responders in the crowd?

Would @everyone be interested in this?โ˜๐Ÿป It's been suggested before. Please click the thumbs up react if so.

We have an entire server dedicated to budgeting and money management but I don't think it's used whatsoever

My wife bakes it with olive oil sea salt and fresh parmesan cheese and it's excellent

@here โ˜๐Ÿป

@everyone While we're on the subject, someone brought up the idea of a tech channel as well. We had one on the main server but, for now at least, its down. Click the thumbs up react if you'd like us to add it here.

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL what did he say? If you're comfortable sharing.

If you're gonna be in the rwds, you have to be able to use your feet๐Ÿ˜‚


The quick rundown on indicating a vise is up. i"ll post somthing on edge finding soon. let me know what else you goys want to see here.

@Deleted User , Spencer & co will be at the University of Florida on September 12.

Great posts in this topic @Lebens and @Deleted User. Very active and great coverage

@everyone We've added two new topics: financier and techie. The former is for discussing personal finance and investment, and the latter is for discussing computers, phone, etc. We need an SME for each, so if you have experience in these areas and are willing to pitch in, please send me a DM.

@here โ˜๐Ÿป

What about them?

What issues are you having

You can use brake fluid testing strips to see if your fluid is still serviceable. Also, you can look at your brake pads, if they look to be getting thin or almost touching the rotor, its time to replace them.

If you feel pulsations when you apply the brakes, that's a sign its probably time for new rotors, and most likely pads.

I still need to get mine, I need a bike so i have something thats gets better than 12mpg. Lol

Its not usually motorcycle weather where im from back in WA so i never bothered. But here in the south its almost a year round option.

โœก ๐Ÿ•Ž ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Now thats a lesson i need! A speed sq cunfuses the hell out of me. Never had a proper lesson on one

It's a small triangular file that I used to dress screws and things that I have cut or deburr an edge

I used to carry a rat tail file to ream the inside of conduits when I cut it. I now use one end of my channel locks that's why they are skinned to go inside the end of a piece of conduit

Hell dude theyre fine

Better than mine!

@everyone Please welcome @Tycho Brahe as an SME in finance. Mike has a lot of experience in the area of finance and we're grateful for his willingness to share it with us.

I've heard good things about it

Really looking forward to medical lessons. I'm sure IE has at least a couple nurses, or perhaps a doctor to teach us

Here's a lesson, if you're ever feeling soft on the euthanasia question, do a ride along on an ambulance. It's been a rough night.

I would say Finish school, and find a job at a shop so you can get the experience you need then get a small mill and lathe for yourself. My bosses started there business in there garage.

Ugh. Sorry brother

@Mark Vandal that shelter is a great concept. I saw that for the first time on dual survivor.

May someone repost that in PDF format

Google docs tracks you

@Placidseven - MO#5546 use PACER and enter the names of one of the parties

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