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can this just be for fed members pls


and pericles is in there

i want to move to fremont just to kick his ass

he is so fucking annoying


me moving?

ye id rather be in the south

koopa is a puper now right


i hate party switching like this

the last few weeks have been chaos


for some stupid reason

its time we go on the attack

attack pup for their lies and propaganda


and get them to vote

if they did 2018 wouldve been a blowout


whats the composition of the senate right now?

ok thanks



should i form a regional political party in the south?

i just dont know what id do

and whether its necessary lol

i have no idea lol

i was just thinking kinda randomly

are regional parties even that important?

ah ok

lol ikr

should we keep it going

hear that?

shoe analogies = fascist feds

yeah this pretty much was a subtle dig at him and several others in the party but he took it waaaaaaaay too personally


lol yes




I still have 84% trump

I guess trump is also




do you guys think doof will run for prez?


@Reactionary are we the only ones who have written bills in the chamber


do you hold a position?

oh cool

well best of luck to you! πŸ˜ƒ

how old are you if you dont mind

too old

lol nice

have you thought about running for something?

are you an indy or a goper

found the reactionary party

you are

the only one

wait hes from new zealand

can we attack him for not being a #trueamerican 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

is that you?

that boi!

was that actually a stein rally?

@Deleted User when did you start to become more libertarian?


wait LT which direction are you going in?


LT are you moving to the right? @Deleted User

in what ways?

pericles thinks hes the shit

but really:

pericuck 2018

after seeing the election results

@Deleted User does this mean youre becoming


i sometimes wonder if atlas has made me more anti-gop than i really am

which i guess can only go so far since i havent left lol

i mean i feel my not liking trump was more a variety of not-atlas stuff but still

yeah i should try that @Reactionary

i feel like im falling into the trap of just taking atlas posters' words on things without reading

@Deleted User yeah ive started to convince myself of that most likely being the outcome

well by started

i mean since like september 2017

were you actually somewhat commie or was it a meme

lol reactionary

by being libertarian you became like the exact opposite lol

i really havent shifted much

i think the only stuff i shifted on was:

abortion (pro-choice, pretty much what made me start calling myself moderate)

trade (never really knew what to believe before trump, but his fair trade stuff influenced me)

immigration (illegal immigration sucks but i think ive become a little more liberal with amnesty)

and health care

ok there have been some notable changes lol

i think youre the only atlas poster who has liberal parents but trends right lol @Deleted User

my dad, who likes to call himself conservative but seems to be more european-liberal in denial (lol), once said "i never really saw the purpose of having assault weapons"

which was weird

@Deleted User are you economically gary johnson, socially jill stein?

i think only like 10 friends know i dont like trump anymore

the rest think i do which is awkward lol

how is it there tho for real

ive found the democrats at my very republican high school are the most outspoken lol

yeah i kinda get that

i feel like im low key the most partisan hack

if im talking with a dem about issues we both agree on i feel as though the person is attacking my views

like it makes no sense

lol fhtagn

the most conservative green ever

its like that with me but pro-trump and anti-trump

ive legit thought about joining the modern whig party

no thats the libertarian party

my dad calls the libertarians the pot party lol

my friends' brother is the vp of georgia techs libertarian club

or at least was

and apparently gary came and smoked pot with some of the other club members

kind of a stupid question

but if a party isnt registered in your state

can you register with them

oh shit really


i think florida law is that you have to have at least two members and submit forms and have a treasurer or some shit

ive legit thought about making my own party

not sure lol

i made this:

go follow

greg orman and bob krist follow so you know its legit

its just that if i ever wanted to take this national idk who would join a centrist, fair trade party lol

yes lol

well there already is one

apparently the gop is moving left

according to these guys

i hope so

how is he fiscally

these would be my only options to register lol

i already pre-registered as gop tho

that takes the fun out of going there

im not sure

ecology and indy party i have not heard much about

apparently the indy party got its status revoked

it was the one that wanted mcmullin on the ballot

oh the indy party is qualified again

i literally cannot find one website for the indy party

ok i dont think it has one

ima become an america's party member now everyone

lol hoefling ditched the america's party for 3 years

but came back to it

oh yeah

that wouldve been cool

thats awesome

>FL-19 being FDP

im guessing you were thinking business-wise?

i really like the map

though i feel like AfA would win at least one seat in kentucky

makes sense

Should we start doing oppo research

@Deleted User im not sure how we would lol

I love how much of a narcissistic asshole he is

β€œIf I run I clear the field”

i would hope he does

we need a strong candidate

oh yeah

he can do it

hey haslam


you can win

you will win

do not give up now

were cheering for you

holy crap

david koch is socially liberal

Both Nigel farage and Tim Pawlenty are coming to Naples Florida lol

"how much do you get frustrated by atlas?"

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