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Let me in

I am Czechball

I'll tell you what happened to my old discord

So well, basically what happened

Discord disabled my account for raiding

Because i raided a server that raided mine

A revenge raid

I'll give you some proof it's me, wait

Well yeah.. my uploads will also be delayed now

I wanted to do an anthem today

But i gotta retrieve

All my discords

my Friend request list is about to have a heart attack i think

like 50% of my stuff is back

@AgtfCZ (FrV) Pamatujeลก ne?

Jak jsme raidily

Ty ameriฤany

Protoลพe oni nรกs raidily

Tak za to mรกm delete

czech republic

Czechia is


and czech republic

is the whole republic

silesia, moravia, czechia

can you inv me to the slav server

the one that has the slavic swastika

as avatar

ty jsi teฤ nad severnรญ koreu?

Skoฤ z letadla

Uvidรญลก pyongyang


Waiting for Kadir to gib me roles

during day Pyongyang looks dystopian

You knwo 1984

It exactly reminds me of that

Because its from a Slovak



Ta jejich hudba je nej

Ach'imun pinnara i kangsan, un'gume chawondo kadukhan

which one

I entirely did the subtitles

By hearing

There were no lyrics for this

Yes thanks

Austrio-italian pizza

Also the newest video, thats gonna be my anthem format

Its basically gonna be flag on instrumental flag

And pics of capital on vocals

I picked a really good one tbh

Its from the timeline of Habsburgs too

1900 Vienna

So Israel won second

So the next video will be Israel

Cant stop listening to Israel Anthem

An anthem i fell in love with agai

it looks exactly like the image in this video


just flipped

Im guessing you were inspired, yes the soldier looking out of that tank sure looks badass.

yes i know that picture looks badass

I like the Might of Soviet Union, Krakow, Main Theme, Soviet Victory, Comintern Theme the most.

Krakow is really depressing.

Its about Auschwitz.

Listen to Krakow especially from 2:25

Krakow is like

A sad depressing song

Combined with

Epic song

7,249 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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