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oh noes, not the YouTube ads

they're leaking

smaller but still awful

I think Yang succeeded. He put UBI on the table.

UBI is just an idea...it doesn't take a specific form.

The United Schlates

The government isn't liable for its spending. It's always someone else's money.

The question is where it comes from.

Taxes on who or what, even.

Well, the government is in the easiest position to redistribute wealth, and it does. I just wish today's politicians were willing to admit that taxes need to go up, or spending needs to go down.

Our taxes are a matter of our philosophy. If you can't convince citizens, even the "middle class", that their wealth is best redirected to a common purpose, it will always be class warfare or bust.

I read a law earlier with a double negative.

The blanket looks the same in both pictures. Fluffy and white. The lighting is consistent.

It says Civ V in the title.

I see human existence using the lens of the linguistic philosopher; to me, all (conscious) human conflict ever has been a war of language: who are "Us", who are "Them", what is "good", what is "evil", what is "just". The word "communism" is often used to slander others, or paint them as the villain. Every person on this planet has their own meaning for words. What does "communism" and being a "communist" mean to you? Is there some other way you could describe yourself in order to dodge the retaliation you might face when using those words?

18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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