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2016-08-29 22:32:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Or she's a fucking absolute nutter that doesn't give a fuck if I am horrible nazi

2016-08-29 22:32:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

But I kept checking

2016-08-29 22:32:40 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

They think they care

2016-08-29 22:32:56 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

But if they give you any time they realize nazis has no bearing on relationship quality

2016-08-29 22:33:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

It even has positives more so

2016-08-30 01:09:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Jesus christ this app makes more noise than all my jew apps combined.

2016-08-30 01:09:58 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh yeah that works

2016-08-30 01:10:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Got it

2016-08-30 01:10:45 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Who's texting you baby? Nobody, not another chick, just nazis. Awww hahahaha you're so funny

2016-08-31 03:13:22 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Did you see the guy shekelberg

2016-08-31 03:13:52 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

2 hrs ago

2016-08-31 03:14:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

The kid that wants to join us in montreal this.weekend

2016-08-31 03:15:38 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh man I got back and read I've been neglecting the group

2016-08-31 03:19:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ok so there is a meeting Saturday (where) and Sunday it's in my royal

2016-08-31 09:56:25 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-08-31 14:15:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-08-31 22:36:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

We Caan use my place saturday

2016-09-16 00:48:56 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hey guys

2016-09-16 00:53:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah I'm sorry man I've been going through some stuff and I also broke my phone and was off discord for the time it took to get my new phone shipped. Anyways, I'm back now full swing. How did the operation go?

2016-09-16 04:26:21 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 04:28:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah that happens lol

2016-09-16 04:30:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

It should be announced Nov 9 and take effect in January hopefully

2016-09-16 04:30:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 04:31:28 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]

2016-09-16 04:31:45 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]

2016-09-16 04:33:34 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 04:35:15 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Where do you hail from in the city

2016-09-16 04:39:10 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 04:39:31 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm in Dorval

2016-09-16 04:47:38 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lol yeah

2016-09-16 04:48:27 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Not so bad in my area but in general yeah. My street is all white and a few chinkies, they keep to themselves and don't interfere.

2016-09-16 04:52:36 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 16:16:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

What's our next event or meeting guys

2016-09-16 18:28:50 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh shit where is it going to be

2016-09-16 18:33:35 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 18:33:50 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hey zeiger I really liked your piece about DJT Jr

2016-09-16 18:35:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Are we starting to have more faith in the Trump campaign hehe

2016-09-16 18:56:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Good. Yeah I remember our first meeting and you were still somewhat skeptical. I really hope they are full blown Nazis

2016-09-16 18:57:44 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Probably not but they share a lot of views

2016-09-16 19:08:20 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 19:09:05 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

By the way how many Montreal people are we know who've actually met up

2016-09-16 19:14:08 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh cool there's quite a few more from the first meeting

2016-09-16 19:16:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 19:16:49 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-16 19:17:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oups a daisy

2016-09-16 21:41:31 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

What are you guys up to this weekend

2016-09-16 21:45:39 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm going to be able to make it to the debate but not malfunctioninggoy

2016-09-16 21:46:05 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

If she lives

2016-09-16 21:46:29 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

3 are scheduled

2016-09-16 23:57:12 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I believe met in person by Zeiger

2016-09-16 23:58:25 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Well you can consider meeting him in person is the test

2016-09-17 00:47:39 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah its like a gladiator type situation

2016-09-17 00:58:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-17 00:58:25 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I've read before that natt is the leader lol who is he

2016-09-17 01:03:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

This is just montreal

2016-09-17 03:45:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah its pretty hilarious

2016-09-17 19:08:43 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-17 19:09:57 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

What's the closest metro I won't be coming by car this time

2016-09-17 19:12:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

But no hillary supporters right? Unless it a hot chick

2016-09-17 19:12:15 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-17 19:17:08 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-17 23:25:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

How many are confirmed

2016-09-18 01:09:06 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]

2016-09-18 01:09:08 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-18 02:57:33 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I see you already got an article on the bombings up there zeiger

2016-09-18 03:00:32 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

So if ever I do get around to writing a piece I can still send it to you to take a look at?

2016-09-18 15:35:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lol I know a guy who looks like him and has the same muzzrat last name

2016-09-18 17:58:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I heard you make really good breakfast zeiger

2016-09-18 18:00:35 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-18 22:18:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-19 15:50:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hey zeiger

2016-09-19 15:54:05 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I was wondering if you guys are doing a piece on the how the (((media))) bashed trump for a day and half for calling the explosion a bomb or an attack or whatever it was prematurely ... when it actually was an attack. If not, I'd like to give it a shot, I can get it to you in a couple hours, but I'm not gonna bother if you're already doing that.

2016-09-19 15:56:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

2016-09-19 15:57:02 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

2016-09-19 15:57:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Of course anything I need to do. Do you have a link

2016-09-22 19:02:01 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Not much man you?

2016-09-22 19:07:12 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Nice, what have you been reading

2016-09-22 22:29:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah I would be interested to know what their ideology is , why they think that way

2016-09-22 22:38:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-25 03:37:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Someone's getting fired over that one

2016-09-26 19:16:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Sorry guys I won't be able to make it to the debate party tonight due to unforseen circumstances but I wish you guys all a great time and I want to stress that I'm still with the movement all the way! See you soon

2016-09-27 16:07:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Glad you guys had fun, will definitely see you at the next debate!

2016-09-28 04:48:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm watching it now lol nice shades and earphones

2016-09-28 05:59:50 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Wow this blanche europe movement is very similar to us, they use echo symbols and everything

2016-09-28 06:00:23 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm 115 into your interview

2016-09-28 06:00:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-09-28 15:31:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Not too bad, just a little bit of excessive mouth movement. Was it your first video interview?

2016-09-28 15:38:02 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

It really wasn't bad man don't worry about it

2016-09-28 15:38:26 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I only thought about it after you mentioned it

2016-09-29 01:40:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Yeah you're right Zeiger

2016-09-29 03:31:00 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

So it's a thing now, we're doing the Google for nignogs and Skypes for kykes?

2016-09-29 05:05:27 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Zeiger how do you feel about the NWO: Communism through the back door documentary series

2016-09-29 16:37:12 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

The documentary shows how politics, culture and everything has been corrupted by the jews, and how we are influenced by them in everyday life

2016-09-29 16:37:34 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

It's a 21 part documentary divided in 15 min segments

2016-09-29 16:38:23 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

If you have the time you should watch at least a few segments on jew tube, and let me know. It's really dramatic

2016-10-01 03:03:51 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Which one

2016-10-01 03:05:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-10-01 03:05:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Share the link to your interview when it's done

2016-10-01 03:07:15 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-10-08 01:51:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Can't play it

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