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2016-11-09 10:42:26 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

why is nuke killing himself?

2016-11-09 10:46:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

im uh

2016-11-09 10:46:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

not seeing him on steam

2016-11-09 10:46:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-09 10:49:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

is nuke dead

really mommi

merging memes?

2016-11-10 03:45:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #vidyagames]  

I just wanted to hear people

gold experience requiem is a lot stronger than silver chariot requiem fam

Leon stop

rohan was a puss

he got memed on

he got his bike fuck and his house burnt down

my dogs probably dying right now..

Life is bad


im server muted

i am


by eating fries

[21:10:34]SAY: Patty O'celt/Carshalash (@289,252,1) As Galactic Common : In aid av tmn loike connolly, barney an' mccann, ter fight an' die 'til they drive de british from our lands.

2016-11-13 05:08:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-13 08:26:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #the-own-zone]  

what is

[17:03:34]ADMIN: DrCelt/(Manu Yount) modified Bill Hudson's nutrition to 1184


[16:56:54]ADMIN: DrCelt/(Manu Yount) modified Bill Hudson's nutrition to 100338


[17:01:23]ADMIN: MOD: JustSumGuy/(Mao FungChin) : Is celt the next Carsh

[08:00:20]ADMIN: HELP: Selenara/(Tobi Ru): Can I name myself Donald Trump? - heard by 3 non-AFK admins.
[08:00:31]ADMIN: PM: SerWind/(Millhouse)->Selenara/(Tobi Ru): Go for it
[08:00:34]ADMIN: dragonbro has banned .
Reason: Killed a detective because they started succumbing to a virus that dealt genetic damage, thinking that this was the detective doing ling stuff. Overall, a fair few awful days has led to some time off
This will be removed in 1440 minutes.
[08:00:36]ADMIN: PM: SerWind/(Millhouse)->Selenara/(Tobi Ru): but expect
[08:00:41]ADMIN: PM: SerWind/(Millhouse)->Selenara/(Tobi Ru): to be stumped

@Celt server when

<@&245854781644603392> where is the server

what the fuck am i reading

i would say you could ride ya bike home but then again, your british cops must have confiscated the wheels from it :^)

Is there an expansion expansion

where I can make my women THICC


another bird



nah fam

[01:49:37]ADMIN: MOD: Kammerjunk/(Ginger Beach) : Why does he has like 50 self-requested bans

2016-11-16 12:01:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

<@&245854781644603392> HONK HONK HONK

in motion

2016-11-17 06:23:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

star citizen even deader than ever was before

2016-11-18 06:29:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

we've known that our good friend celt has been a semen gargling faggot for a long time shapka

2016-11-18 06:29:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-18 06:29:39 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-18 06:29:42 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-18 06:29:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  






celt is not a virgin

he has taken it in the rear many times

celt said i look nice

and that my hair is the perfect length


<@&245854781644603392> hey guys, why am i not on the ban list



but yeah

my ban still says its up till 02 serb time



2016-11-19 09:52:56 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

<@&245854781644603392> Need some assistance

2016-11-20 06:33:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-20 11:30:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

@Celt get in and metacomm with us celt

2016-11-22 03:43:50 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]

2016-11-22 03:43:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 03:44:32 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

rly makes you

2016-11-22 03:44:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

activate the almonds

2016-11-22 03:44:57 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

rly makes u listen to thread shitposts and use them as facts

2016-11-22 03:45:32 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 03:47:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I really

2016-11-22 03:47:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 03:47:26 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

wish one of you thought of messaging me and sitting me down for questioning before this

2016-11-22 03:47:31 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

considering I was online on everything

2016-11-22 03:51:04 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I had a month ban for accidentally doorshocking

2016-11-22 03:51:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and the silicon ban was reapplied

2016-11-22 07:31:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:32:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

so uh

2016-11-22 07:32:32 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

can you fill me in on why i got roped without the chicken ever talking to me

2016-11-22 07:32:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

and why it was over something 6 months ago

2016-11-22 07:40:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:40:40 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

fuck i mean

2016-11-22 07:40:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:40:46 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

this was a week long thing

2016-11-22 07:40:49 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you guys were all a part of

2016-11-22 07:42:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

yeah, i said i admtited to asking them about whether heads can randomly disappear after surgery

2016-11-22 07:42:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you said we were in the clear 6 months ago

2016-11-22 07:42:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

what bit

2016-11-22 07:43:51 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

why is soemthing from 6 months ago suddenly relevant after you already put me in the clear to get unbanned

2016-11-22 07:48:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

would you rather I have posted "Me sad, unban me, me zach" instead of making sure to include the events of the round like you all actually asked?

2016-11-22 07:49:18 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:49:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you were the head admin at the time

2016-11-22 07:49:23 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you were literally the one

2016-11-22 07:49:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

who gave us the final thumbs up to get unbanned

2016-11-22 07:49:34 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

There is literally a post of yours on that page

2016-11-22 07:49:37 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

showing that you had read that

2016-11-22 07:50:16 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:50:18 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you literally

2016-11-22 07:50:20 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

qouted a part of it

2016-11-22 07:50:25 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

showing that you had read it

2016-11-22 07:51:00 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:51:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you can't just meme yourself out of this

2016-11-22 07:54:01 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:54:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you're literally insane

2016-11-22 07:54:19 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 07:54:21 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

you asked me

2016-11-22 07:54:24 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

to include everything about the night

2016-11-22 07:54:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

now you're sperging out it was too long

2016-11-22 07:54:30 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

What the fuck do you want

2016-11-22 07:55:28 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

im not doing this, im going to wait for pain to be ready

2016-11-22 08:07:29 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

Yes nuke

2016-11-22 08:07:38 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I did not write that post

2016-11-22 08:08:02 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

i do not know why you would believe i posted that

2016-11-22 08:08:05 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

considering it only incriminated me

2016-11-22 08:14:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

of 90

2016-11-22 08:28:01 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

oh shit

2016-11-22 08:28:03 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

a thread shitpost

2016-11-22 08:28:06 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

sounds like a perma to me

2016-11-22 08:31:59 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  


2016-11-22 08:32:01 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

not now

2016-11-22 08:32:14 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

any other shitpost but those ones

he is

on his phone

he actually

did say it was shitposts

i'll just shitpost in the thread that people deserve bans and get valids

but i wanted a distraction


can one of you guys delete kilozombies posts?

The guy is keeping up his posts to start shit

but seriously

can you dlete his post since its false

hey arthur

The fact that

the therad is completely

uninvolved from this

is calling for bans on brolaire

when the guy hasnt played in months

this isnt a sequel

this is people listening entirely to the thread

and shoving their fingers in their ears while refusing to read the original thread

Pomf my chicken you have choice

do you read 26 page logs on what happen on event

or listen to thread shitpost



what did i say about no girlfriend jokes today

god fucking damn it

dont bring it back up

2016-11-23 08:25:09 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

<@&245854781644603392> it would appear kilozombie was making radium pils and labeling them as dex+ last round. I think someone needs a talking to

2016-11-23 08:26:06 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I know I am

2016-11-23 08:26:15 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

I can still shitpost in the thread desu and see chemistry logs

2016-11-23 08:26:35 UTC [Everything Is Space #ock]  

chemistry logs or shitpostign

justsumguy muted me

he said unless i send him a photo of my cock

he will never unmute me

i have dick pics

i just dont send tehm often

o-okay leon

2016-11-24 01:08:18 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

Diszor can you draw a thicc tomoko

2016-11-24 01:08:48 UTC [Everything Is Space #spess-art]  

can you draw me being happy

@MoMMI music ZLYKZV-O3es

@MoMMI music x-64CaD8GXw

@MoMMI music ZOfv3cblYcA

@MoMMI music R8lzmbAn8_Y

@MoMMI music dv13gl0a-FA

@MoMMI music cLoytewvn0g

@MoMMI music ckMvj1piK58




why would a niggly go wiggly



@MoMMI music qTKOah18x0g

@MoMMI music dv13gl0a-FA

@MoMMI music 0gi-RYNhP8Y

@MoMMI music 0gi-RYNhP8Y

@MoMMI music LDnu0giUS00



2016-11-25 05:48:44 UTC [Everything Is Space #bot-abuse]  

@MoMMI music x-64CaD8GXw

@MoMMI music x-64CaD8GXw

@MoMMI music x-64CaD8GXw

Musical pleasure

@MoMMI music XsrJGNLVfNo


celt is from carlingord

he gay

look up spessmen

password is spess

tabletop sim?

shit man

hope you got fast net

@MoMMI music emBG3RkUnBA

Im gonna break leosn touhou mug


who is your favourite touhou

is it cirno

who is it leon this is embarassing to read

2016-11-26 05:40:41 UTC [Everything Is Space #the-own-zone]  

R.I.P ya commie cunt

@MoMMI music 64CaD8GXw


we do

kill yourself


i will break your bass guitar

here we go


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